Why Do I have Age Spot on My face and hands


Sometimes called age spots, sun spots, liver spots and the list goes on. What are they, what causes them. These little flat brown, black, or gray spots appear on our skin that has the most exposure to the sun.

The experts say that the spots are caused by a chemical in our skin called melanin or pigmentation. What is known is that these so called age spots become more visible as we age, have more exposure to sun or tanning beds.

And, it seems that the forearms, shoulders, face, back of hands and our backs tend to be more affected. They are painless and feel the same as you skin.


Absolutely not, there is no need to worry about these developing into something that puts you at risk. First of all these little spots are not selective in who they affect.

If you skin is pretty fair and you are say 50 years old, work in the sun often or use a tanning bed, you are a candidate.

These little spots are not gender selective either, they are not discriminated on who they affect male or female, it doesn’t matter.

Race is not a factor in who gets them. As long as you meet the qualifications noted above, you can be a prime candidate for getting age spots.

Age spots are not cancerous, so there is not need to become anxious when they start to appear. If of course, you have concerns, by all mean consult you doctor. He will determine if there is a need for concern.


You don’t necessarily have to treat these spots unless you absolutely want to.

The important thing to remember is, these little spots do not present any health risk whatsoever. If perhaps, they seem a bit unsightly to you, there are ways to deal with them.

There is a laser removal method, chemical methods and fade creams that by way of a doctor prescription. There are a lot of over the counter products work very well as well.

Beware of these removals methods using lasers and chemical peels, these can put you at risk of other complications.

There are lots of cosmetics on the market that can mask or hide your age spots effectively. You can visit your favorite store and ask the person there for help in getting you a product that will perform to your satisfaction.


To protect your body from the invasion of age spots, a start would be to always wear long sleeves to cover your arms, a wide brim hat to cover your face and back of your neck, wear pants, not shorts outside, apply a good sun screen when ever you are active outside.

These measures are not a sure cure for those little spots but can dramatically reduce them



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