What women want………….in persuit of my dreams


What is it that a woman wants covers quite a lot of territory. It may be said, that the wants of a woman are as many as there are sands on the beach.

These wants and desires are at times very varied, and a person could equate them to almost being fanatical. Is it maybe because, since we are ever-changing, and our needs and desires change right along with us.

Consider this, as a child, we want those things that are child-like, which covers everything from dolls to fast cars.
We imagine in our teens, what kind of career we might pursue.

Adult things like marriage might be never thought of, as we play with our dolls and tea sets.
Then there is a period in our lives that we want to live a life of glamour, Living the rich life. Going from country to country, visiting all those exotic places that we’ve seen in those fashion magazines.

Living the high life, it seems so right at this period in our life. Traveling in the biggest cruise ships, eating caviar in the most expensive restaurants, wearing fashions that are the envy of all people and living in houses we own all around the world.

These are things that we imagine during that fantasy period of our lives.
There are different wishes for every individual born into the different strata of society.

It appears that desires vary most, during the time of our ability to attain the things that are reachable.

We dream according to the standard of living that we are reared in.

It could be explained like this maybe: born rich or well-to-do, big dreams, having the realization that it is entirely possible to get anything that we dream of.

Born in poverty: this often times raises a question on whether our dreams will ever become a reality. Many would say that even if you are born rich or poor, the decision to succeed or fail is left up to the individual in most cases.

The thing most desired by most every person, no matter what color, origin, educational background is to be happy. It matters not if you’re rich, living in a mansion and having people cater to you’re every whim, if there is no happiness in your life, life still sucks.

On the other hand, if you had a house that resembled a shack and happiness resided there, you would feel like you had the world at your finger tips.
What makes their lives seem fuller or satisfies them is the question that needs to be asked here. Not everyone needs are the same as someone else.

It’s just like everyone having the same shoe but in reality, people have different size feet. So what works for one, doesn’t work for everybody.
There are as many answers as there are women, when the question is asked “What do you want out of life”. Children could fulfill the desire of some women.

Some just love the idea of bringing children into this world, caring for them, watching them grow, teaching them and seeing them grow up to be the very best they can be.

Some desire to live a long productive life. Maybe these women have set a lot of goals in their life and living a long time is the only way that can assure them of accomplishing all of their goals
they have set for themselves.
Not to feel suppressed, disrespected and to be heard is what women want as well. To feel that you’re here for a specific purpose only, gives a feeling of having no identity and worthlessness.

To feel what you do or say is nothing, causes an individual to be withdrawn, they cease to grow inwardly, and stymies their productive energy.
Whatever you desire in life, go after those things. Whatever it is that brings peace into your life and makes you happy, if it doesn’t encroach on anyone else, if it is legal, do it with all the strength that you have.

We are only on this big blue ball we call earth for a very short time and while we are breathing and have the energy, we need to go after whatever it is that is meaningful to us and pleases us.

Don’t just sit and wish in your golden years that you had done this or that, get out there, make a move and set the wheels in motion to satisfy yourself.

No one knows better than you what you need so never depend on anyone to tell you how you should live your life.

There are multiplied thousands of folks that have been cheated of a good life by listening to somebody else and doing what they said was right for them.
Going and getting what you want makes you no less of a lady. If it’s a husband that you want, the world is full of desirable gentlemen.

If it’s children that you want in your life, go for it. Want a career that spans a lifetime, don’t allow anyone to deter you.

Please never try to impress others, you are wonderfully made. Those gifts that were given to you at birth, will make room for you among the nations of the world.

Stop and think for a moment, would you desire to an exact copy of someone else, of course not.

Do what that little voice inside you says, and you’ll have all you desire and be all you can be.

Have fun!

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