What is Fasting?…is it safe?…what are the benefits?


Fasting is the act of abstaining from some or all food or drink, especially as a religious observance.

Some people who fast, say that they have noticed that they have increase energy, better digestion and has helped in maintaining an ideal weight.

Let’s establish what intermittent means first of all, it means that this is not doing without food or drink for long periods of time but at irregular intervals.

This could mean that you only ate at a certain hour of the day or maybe you skipped a day and ate and drank on odd or even days of the week.

This is entirely up to the individual as to the time of day or the number of days they were going to fast, abstaining from food or drink or both.


What conditions are healed through fasting you might ask, fasting itself does not heal the body but just like many other live entities the body possess the power to both cleanse and heal itself.

What fasting does is give the body conditions on which it heals and cleanses itself.

As we medicines to treat our ailments and diseases, this adds to our body toxicity which is of not benefit whatsoever to our body.

As the body gives us signals that its trying to heal itself by acting abnormally according to the way we’re led to believe, let me describe it this way if your car has a “service engine” light to come on should we ignore it or cut the wire leading to the light?

If we cut the signal wire that says something has gone wrong and is giving us a warning sign we should pay attention to the warning not cover it up or let go untreated.

Like we stated earlier, fasting gives the body the opportunity to heal what’s wrong with it naturally.
Fasting is good for your body but done wrong it can be dangerous and long-term lasting consequences.


As you are well aware the brain is one of the most important parts of the body and it is the part of the body that you should want to run perfectly all the time.

Intermittent fast is said to help to increase the brains power and that it is fasting not eating that causes the brain to run in tip-top condition all the time.


You may wonder what are the benefits of fasting. One good benefit of fasting is that is causes your body to rest, Even in the Bible fasting is mentioned for spiritual enlightenment
and also modern day medicine says that fasting allows your gut to rest and naturally build your hormone level.

If you suffer from leaky gut syndrome, constipation or diarrhea intermittent fasting can work wonders for these conditions and let’s not forget weight loss and detoxification.
Other benefits include blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance, helps fight inflammation, enhances heart health by improving blood pressure, boosts metabolism, increases muscle strength, delays the aging process and could help in the prevention of certain cancers.


There are truly some great benefits to be had by fasting but the downside is there is also some negative things that can be caused by fasting.

If you are a person that suffers from diabetes or low blood sugar, fasting can cause spikes in your blood sugar and cause crashes which are dangerous.

It is best to seek the advice of a doctor if you plan to fast for periods that exceed twenty-four hours.

Attempting to fast could offer great results but it could be unhealthy if done wrong.

One should consider their age and medical conditon before any fast is attempted.

Water fasting could dehydrate the body to a certain degree and could cause problems if continued for long periods.

The same things apply when it comes to abstaining from food for long periods of time.

Use some discretion and not jump into fasting just because someone said the benefits were to great to ignore.

A healthy individual should start a little at a time until he or she has been conditioned for longer periods of time. Think safety whatever you do!






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