The roaring twenties…life shaping, fun, and frightening


There’s no female in their 20s who is exactly like another, there’s no one that’s a carbon copy of another, not even identical twins.

Not a woman at this age that will experience things the same way another woman will. But there are some things that are common in all woman and this will take place in all females.


During this period of their lives women gain a deeper understanding of their own bodies better. They hear what their body is saying to them both intellectually and sexually.

They have more of an awareness of what things can happen if they make wrong choices as far as their sexual activity is concerned.

Just thought it worth mentioning that women in their twenties have a higher rate of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, than at any other time in their life.

More frequent sexual activity can also put women at risk for more frequent urinary tract infections and poor hygiene can contribute to yeast infections which are pretty common at this period in a young woman at this time in her life.


Younger women In their 20s, you may still struggle with breakouts of acne, some of the biggest skin-enemies in your twenties will be the sun and too much of it.

At this time consider a good sun screen to protect your skin against the powerful ultra violate rays of the sun.

Be sure to watch your diet because poor nutrition can have a direct bearing on the look of your skin.

Be especially attentive to long exposure to the sun as skin cancer is becoming more and more prevalent in young women.


Putting on a lot of weight during your twenties can set you up for health problems later on in life, in particular diabetes or heart disease.

Always remember that the skeletal system must bear the burden of excess weight, adding on those extra pounds now will certainly be something that you will have to deal with later.

A diet rich in calcium is essential you can get your daily intake of calcium from foods such as sardines, tofu, broccoli rabe, green leafy vegetables, Black Eyed Peas, White beans, sesame seeds, and others.

Your younger years are a time of great opportunities. At this time during your youth, energy, create a strong foundation that can carry you along through a long, healthy life.


Putting on a lot of weight during your twenties can set you up for health problems later in life, in particular diabetes and heart disease.

Bad attitudes toward food can keep young women at the mercy of fad diets, and generally bad keep young women at the mercy of fast food, fad diets, and generally bad nutritional habits.

Get to know foods and those that are beneficial for you. Those kinds of food that are gives you energy and makes you feel good and are pleasant to the taste.

Drink two eight-ounce glasses of vitamin D-fortified, low-fat milk every day, a perfect match for developing bones that are not easily broken.

Broccoli also deserves a place on your menu. It contains calcium and also magnesium, vitamin K and phosphorus.

Try eating beef it’s the perfect muscle food because it’s packed with protein and creatine, these are muscle builders and act as a bubble of protection around tendons and your joints.


Never box yourself in, be open to new ideas in case you current career doesn’t work out for you. At this age, don’t take yourself too seriously and get tied down with stuff that isn’t necessary.

Love your life and live it passionately, you’re not like anybody else on the planet so don’t make any comparisons.

Set yourself in a happy place financially, don’t get caught thinking the future is so far off that you have enough time to correct any mistake you might make.

Take care of all of yourself, body and mind, listen to that soft voice inside you.

Friends are very important, they can be of some assistance to you in a pinch but know what is a friend and a weight that burdens you!










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