Sugar: the good-the bad-the ugly


We all know how difficult it can be to turn down that extra candy or an extra large slice of cake, knowing fool well that we really don’t need that extra sugar in our system.

But why on earth are we so addicted to candy, cake, pie or anything that has sugar in it?

When we eat food, the simple sugar glucose is absorbed from the intestines in our blood and distributed to all the cells of our body.

The reason for the sugar addiction may be because of glucose. Our bodies’ use of glucose is of great importance to the brain as it provides fuel to the billions of nerve cells inside us.


Needless to say we have a somewhat strange relationship with sugar, as we are born with a taste for the things in life that are sweet.

It appears that kids have a preference for sweets far more than adults do, along with the sugary treats, youngsters also have a yen for high calorie foods as well.

Many kids and teens need high calorie diets to help with weight gain and growth. High caloric intake for kids and teen are beneficial to help with recovery from illness.

But a serious issue has arrived as of late, problems with obesity in children has sky-rocketed because refined sugar is much too readily available and parents are not always aware of what their kids may eating and can’t monitor their diets, as well as they, would like.


Consuming too much sugar can lead to unhealthy eating patterns. Sugar can make a person feel “high” with the release of serotonin in our blood streams.

Getting the feeling of being high from sugar is why a lot of us turn to sweets to get energy or when we want to feel rewarded.

Needless to say sugar can almost be compared a drug, when the high is over, we crave more of it to get back that good feeling that we had before.

Thus setting wheels in motion for an accident that’s bound to happen.

Our minds aren’t can’t seem “stop” when we’ve had enough of sugar.

It’s almost as if there is no built in warning system to help us put the brakes on we’ve had enough, so we just don’t a clue when enough is enough.

All kinds of sugars are broken down by the body. Sugars are changed into glycogen or fat for storage. So the amount you eat is what makes the difference.

Sugar should only make up a small percentage of the energy you get from the food you eat or what you drink each day.


One of the health issues bought on by eating too much sugar is weight gain.

Excessive weight gain increases the risk of major health problems in your body including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.


Sugar doesn’t have any vitamins or minerals, plain and simple sugar is just plain empty calories.

Most high-sugar foods contains very little essential nutrients. People who prefer to eat sweets will most likely become lacking in necessary nutrients that help their body.

Sugar without a doubt is one of the most addictive substances that we could ever eat. Because we get pleasure frome eating sugar, our body continuously asks for more.

Be aware to totally stop using sugar also has its side effects. The lack of sugar in our diet can cause one to have a lack of energy, mood swings and even depression.

All things considered sugar intake should be done in moderation. Too much of anything is not good for you.






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