Each one of us that are of age have either known of someone in our family, friends or may have even experienced one of these diseases ourselves. Unless you’ve been away from the planet for a few years, you can’t help not having heard it on television or radio. The devastation is becoming more widespread each day.
The sorrows that these horrible diseases put people through is absolutely monumental in nature. These diseases are so bad, intelligent people have committed suicide because of the hurt and pain caused to them.

Sexually transmitted infections can be caused by:

  • Bacteria (gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia)
  • Parasites
  • Viruses (human, genital herpes, HIV)

Signs that come with these infections are:

  • Sores or bumps on the genitals or in the oral or rectal area
  • bad smell coming from the vagina

More signs that you may notice

  • Pain while engaging in sexual intercourse
  • Sore, swollen lymph nodes, in the testicle area
  • Lower stomach pain
  • Fever
  • Rash over the trunk, hands or feet and face


Use protection before having vaginal or anal sex, Don’t just assume that the person you are with is free of any infections. Be very cautious when you apply a condom, make sure that you have been taught the proper use of it. There are a wide variety of condoms on the market today.

Make sure your condom is latex and none of the others out there. If you think having oral sex is OK, think again, use a latex condom when engaged in this practice as well. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your safety. You have no idea whose infected out there. Unless you are a couple and been together for many years, please use protection. Each time you perform with anyone without protection, you are taking your life in your own hands.

Even though the charts may show the infection rate for these sexually transmitted diseases are in a group of people whose ages are less than thirty. You older generations, are not out of the woods. There is a large portion of society who are fifty and older, infected by the same diseases.


One of the horrors of these sexually transmitted diseases are when an innocent child becomes a victim of infection by his or her own mother. As terrible as this sounds, this is played out hundreds of times around the world. I myself have witnessed one of my own family go through this in years past. Needless to say that terrible consequences may often occur, even death.

A pregnant woman with gonorrhea
or any disease

If a woman is infected with gonorrhea while she is pregnant, there is the risk of a miscarriage or premature birth. A child

that is born while the mother has an infection may develop blindness, joint infection, or a life threatening blood disease.

If you have any of these social diseases like chlamydia, genital herpes, HIV/AIDS, HPV, SYPHILIS, your unborn child can be at serious risk. These all can be transmitted unfortunately.

If you think that you may be infected, get screened and get treated before you become pregnant!

If you could only see some horrible pictures and read some medical records of these precious little ones, you would be surprised at the damages that have been caused by careless adults that didn’t take the time to take care of these issues before becoming pregnant.

The Increase in STD in Older Adults


New miracle drugs like Viagra, levitra and Cialis have given men help for erectile dysfunction. But there are negative as well positive statements that can be made about these drugs.

These drugs are allowing men to have sex longer into their elder years. The sad truth is that as the older generation of men are out there courting and sparking, a lot of them are totally ignorant of the facts about sexually transmitted diseases.

This is not true in all cases, but as the wives and mates of these older men get into their menopausal state, older men make the excuse that their partners vagina is too dry, they don’t feel like performing, they’re moody, too tired, and the list goes on.

So they go out and find someone who is willing to do what they want and usually without protection. And because, there is not a shred of education in their head about how to prevention, these guys, take the plunge and end up a statistic somewhere. Before you know it, they’re back at home engaging in sexual activity with their wives or significant other, infecting another innocent human being.

Men you out to know, as you go looking for lust in all the wrong places packing your little blue pill, these drugs that get you up can let you down. Side effects of these medications may concern you. Symptoms like, headache, body aches and pains, digestive problems, dizziness, changes in vision, rashes, and congestion and runny nose.

Men if you experience vision loss, erections that last longer than four hours or have hearing loss, please stop taking the drug and contact your doctor for further instructions.

To help with erectile dysfunction, you can use certain vegetable and fruits, exercise, get plenty of sleep, no alcohol or drink responsibly, no drugs, and be aware that certain prescription drugs can effect your sex drive.

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