Sex and menopause

Well, sex is almost self-explanatory, since we were very young Mom and Dad have been explaining it, cautioning us against doing it and all sorts of bizarre things.
I don’t think that Mom and Dad were so interested in sex as a way of differentiating between the male and female species.

I know now, that they were talking about sex as a method of reproducing ourselves.
Believe me, I’ve had enough of those talks to fill a novel. Their methods were sometimes a bit crude, because as they explained it, you were so scared afterwards that you wouldn’t even look at someone of the opposite sex.

With all the drama that was included in their little talks they gave us, they had good intentions of us not doing anything that hurt us or anyone else.

I’ve been told by some adults of my time that sex was a drive that was placed within us by The Creator, to ensure that we reproduced ourselves with others like us.

Those organs that make the male and female different, are what we think about when someone mentions sex. These organs are our reproductive system, the vagina and the penis are all fundamentally involved when sex is usually thought about. Other body parts may be a used during the total act when the act of sex occurs.
This is entirely up to the individual.

Having sex is not the horrible act as some may explain it. It can be and usually is an amazing experience. Sex, if you really were to think about it, is who we are. Our minds, Our physical and emotional make up, our fantasies, our connecting point, that bring male and female adults closer together. Someone said that sex, is the icing on the cake, not the entire cake but the part that adds a bit of sweetness to it.


Menopause is a normal occurrence that happens as women age. This can start either before or after they stop have a monthly cycle and usually marks the end of their reproductive years. There may be a lot scientific terms that can be used to explain why it happens, who it happens to and a bunch of other stuff. We’ll keep it short and to the point by saying that it is a point in women life that the ovaries no longer release eggs.

Ladies, going through menopause, or some call it the change or changing life is nothing to fear, remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made and this time in your life takes nothing from you.
Although, the time of this change can be around forty years old or so, some medical factors, or even genetics can make this happen a bit sooner.


There are several things that usually occur during the onset of menopause. Sometimes, women feel the occasional hot flash or tiredness. But on the other hand, some women experience physical and psychological symptoms which can be very taxing on the body.
Being irrational and moody often accompanies some women as they go through menopause.

Sleeplessness, brain fog, dizziness, depression, nervous, bleeding gums, thinning hair, changes in the way foods or beverages taste, heart palpitations, tenderness of the breasts, breaking out in sweats, low sex drive, dry vagina, headache. These are some the symptoms that accompany the onset of going through the change.


Men realize that your special lady is going through some changes in her body that she never, ever experienced before. Don’t be demanding of her to perform sexually, because her body is very tender in places, this would only tend to irritate rather than make her responsive to approaches toward her.

On those days that life is almost unbearable for her, make your own meals and also meet her needs for nutrition. Wash the dishes and the clothes, clean the house, doing these things helps reduce stress. Offer to go on short walks or to the mall, just getting her out of the house for a while really helps, a change of scenery can work wonders for her at this time in her life.

Don’t be a wimpy guy that complains about every little thing, grow up, she’s not your mother and you’re not six years old anymore. The less stress that she has to endure, the better you’ll both be.
Patience and showing affection are the words for the day men, treating her like the queen that she is the right thing to do.


Aerobic exercise, these get your heart rate up and give your lungs a good workout. Walking, bicycling, are good cardio exercises that burn calories and help in weight gain. Do a little weight training, to prevent your bones from becoming brittle and to offset osteoporosis.

Exercises like yoga and meditation are good for reducing tension. And by the way, yoga can help ladies improve sexual function in which suggests it might be a good idea to look up someone that could help you in that area.

Women with menopause that are under the age of sixty-five years of age should probably do about an hour to two hours a day stretching and exercising each day if at all possible. Women that are sixty-five or above, do the best you can, don’t tire yourself out, do everything in moderation.


Some women go through menopause and never see a change in their sexual desires. Some women see a very noticeable change in their desire and performance. Changes may be a dry vagina, which is painful when attempting insertion. Sometimes more vaginal infections occur during this period, more difficulty in becoming aroused and less sensitivity in the genital area.

These may help you if you really have pain during performing sexually. First mention to your partner that you have discomfort and ask if he will be patient and understand your situation. There are some very good lubricants that can bought across the counter that can help you tremendously.

Practice longer periods of foreplay as this will give time for more arousal and lubrication of the vagina. Get plenty of sleep and rest, this helps more than you would ever know. Talk to your doctor if you can’t find a method of treatment that can help. There are some good treatments to be had, finding what’s right for you may take a little time.

You don’t have to give up on sex as you go through menopause. find what’s right for you and works, stick to to it and enjoy your life during menopause!

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