A Healthier More Robust You!

Good health

Important health habits

There are numerous ways to good health and one way is to develop healthy habits. We must choose and follow these healthy habits and to allow the to become a part of our lives where we do them automatically each and every day, Things like tying a shoe or combing your hair is something that we don’t have to think about, it just happens because it has become a daily routine. And, so must we do when it comes to developing healthy habits.

The experts say that if you do anything for at least three weeks, it becomes a habit. So in the developing stages of our good habits we must be dedicated to what we have set out to do and never get distracted. Whether the weather permits, do something inside if you’re the outdoors type or if you feel a little sluggish on any particular day, don’t just cancel your activities for that day, just wait until you feel better or do something sweeping a floor or cleaning your room.


Great physical health

Being healthy comes by no accident. This is a planned state and you’re in charge.
Take full control of your health and make no excuses about what health issues are part of genealogy, that was then and this is now.
Assume the full responsibility for each and every part of your body, become obsessed with making sure that your body is in the best shape that it can be in because remember this is the only body you were given and it has to last for a lifetime.
Don’t be misled by those that try to ridicule you when you are in the gym or on a trail or even raking the yard.

Each and every activity contributes to a great physique and remember it’s your bod and you gotta do what you gotta do to keep it running at its optimum level.
The trick is to do something, even if it seems minute, make that body move, whip it in to shape but by all means make sure that your body is up to the task and please before indulging in any strenuous exercise seek a doctors’ advice.

Good health tips

Go walking for a good fifteen minutes or so, wear the proper gear so you won’t strain or injure any parts of your lower body. The feet, ankles, leg, knees and hips can all receive minor and sometimes serious injury if you’re not paying attention to the equipment that you’re wearing.

If you are interested in running then be extremely careful, not being careful and wearing improper running gear can cause extensive damages that can set you back in your quest to attain that sculptured body you’re dreaming of.

Why is health maintenance important

Maintaining your body has a lot to do with way we fight off disease and other maladies that come along with being out of shape.
If you were to really think about it, good health maintenance comes down to a dollar and cents issue. Healthy folks have a tendency to not miss work as much as maybe obese folk or people that don’t take care of themselves.

Complete care of your body insures that you can live your life without the pain that’s associated with the lack of being in shape and living a longer life. Longevity does have its place, especially if you are a family oriented person and want to live to see those little grandchildren grow up and living good decent lives, or even if you want to live a long time

Health Maintenance benefits

The benefits of good health maintenance are numerous. We’ve mentioned a lot about the physical end of good health maintenance but failed to talk about the medications that can make our lives more enjoyable and can give us much longer and more productive lives.

Let us first mention vitamins and the different supplements that are available right off the shelf that each one of us can use daily to either strengthen us or relieve us of simple muscular aches and pains or even the occasional cold or flue that we might have.

Medications that fight diseases such as cancer or kidney disease, all the medications are great for maintaining good health. Whether you’re dancing at the ballroom or ice-skating, swimming in the pool at home or in a sporting event, you might even be hiking on trail somewhere with a bunch of your friends or family members. Just doing something with your body that keeps it tones, will certainly pay off for you in the long run.
It doesn’t have to be weight lifting or boxing, not even running a relay race. All that you do contributes to keeping the total package in the best shape that is possible for you. And let us not forget the wide assortment of vitamins and minerals that are available to us to use also, to help make this body, your only body, a well oiled machine for today and certainly for tomorrow. Much success in all you do in keeping and maintaining good health

About Robert

Welcome to my site about health maintenance and the benefits it brings.

Several brief paragraphs

Growing up as a youngster into very humble beginnings, I saw firsthand what toll the lack of good health care could take on a struggling family. Doing without a lot of things in those days included, not having the health check ups that were needed because the family budget wouldn’t allow for it.

As I would observe those families that were able to afford medical and dental care, the kids seemed to be happier and more energetic along with doing better in school.

Although their clothing was better and was taken into account, the issue of health was the thing that stuck out in my mind.

Not saying that we never visited the doctors but it was only in an emergency, that we did. And, often times the healing process took longer because of waiting too long to go and get the matter attended to.

My “Why” for doing this

When we are very young, we tend to forget the importance of health maintenance. In those years we don’t have the time because of an active lifestyle or issues of health like we do we start getting older.

So, we go about our daily routines and never give it a thought that we need to periodically get checked out to maybe head off something that we don’t necessarily feel now but could present a problem later. An old saying is “The Hurrier I Go The Behinder I Get” and nothing could to closer to truth.

After seeing some very disturbing cases of neglected health or issues that were put off for too long. I made up my mind that no more would I ignore the signals that my body was sending and that I would educate my family that it was important to see that they listened to their own bods’ call.

And now I’m asking you, make sure to take care of that wonderful and incredibly made body of yours to see that it lasts for many years and that pains, disease and other things don’t interfere before time.

My Intentions

My intentions here that you are mindful that you only have one body and when that body is done for, there is no replacement for the original.

 And also, that not taking the time because of your career or lifestyle or even trying to save a few dollars, just isn’t worth it.

When it comes to the agony and pain that you may have to endure you are much better off just taking the time and seeing a professional who can tell you if there is something that need your attention and to offer treatment for it.

 If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best, enjoy your healthy body for many years to come is my wish for you.

Thanks for the time you’ve spent here.

Robert Garrett