Migraine Headaches……..What causes them.


Migraine headaches are recurring headaches that are mostly felt on one side of the head.

It is a neurobiological disorder that involves both neurological and vascular changes in the brain during an attack.

During the headache, an artery outside your skull starts to enlarge. This releases a chemical that causes inflammation, severe pain and more enlarging of the artery.

Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are often associated with a migraine attack.

This prolongs the emptying of the stomach into the small intestines, decrease blood circulation (resulting in cold hands and feet) and heightens the sensitivity to both light and sound.

Some causes may be an allergic reaction, loud noises, bright lights, stress, lack of sleep, smoking and drinking alcohol and a person menstrual cycle.


It is estimated that people between 35 and 55 years of age are the best candidates for getting migraine headaches.

While 18% of the cases are women only about 6% are men. Caucasian and lower income groups tend to be more affected than other groups.

Migraine is the third most widespread illness in the world. There are around 50 million people in the United States alone that complain of headaches each year.

Migraine is the cause of the loss of millions of dollars each year in time lost by employees from their jobs.


Some foods that trigger these headaches are chocolate, red wine, yogurt, bananas, any alcoholic beverage, citrus fruits, and onions.

Remember all individuals are not the same thing that triggers migraine headaches will not always affect another person.

Also, among the foods that trigger migraine headaches are aged cheeses.

Aged cheeses include cheddar, blue, brie, Parmesan, Gouda, Gruyere, Swiss and mozzarella.

The reason aged cheese generally causes migraines and fresh cheese does is that aged cheese contains more of a substance called thiamine.

Thiamine is formed in foods as they age or undergo fermentation. But you should consume any cheese with a bit of caution until you are absolutely sure that it will trigger a headache.

Three citrus fruits that are known to cause headaches are oranges, grapefruit, and lemon.

These fruits contain histamines and histamines trigger what is called cluster headaches.

These headaches are characterized by intense pain on one side of the head over the eyes or in the temple area.

Nuts like pistachios almonds and cashews can all trigger headaches.

People that are sensitive to caffeine can develop migraines after drinking coffee, green tea, and soft drinks containing caffeine.

The caffeine in these drinks can also be used to stop a headache also and many over the counter pain relievers contain caffeine.

Some people say that artificial sweeteners such as Nutra sweet and equal also trigger migraine headaches along with diet drinks, sugar-free sweets, low-calorie desserts, and light yogurts.

Sulfites which are a preservative in fruits like prunes, apricots, figs, red and white wines also are triggers for migraine headaches.

Tannin the ingredient found in apples, pears, apple cider seems to be a trigger for some individuals for getting migraine headaches as well.


Deli meats and pepperoni are all full of nitrites and these are all triggers for migraine headaches.

These same preservatives are found in sausages, jerky, and lots of other meats that are cured, pickled, smoked or canned. Among some of these are chicken, turkey and corned beef.


Noises, flashing lights, and sensory stimulation are a common trigger for headaches, staying away from any environment that these stimuli are present would help greatly.

It would help greatly to avoid night driving, glaring sun, and even going to the movies. Take frequent breaks from your computer or even watching t.v.

Check your choices of foods, avoid alcohol, chocolate, Processes foods, wines or beer, and artificial sweeteners as well.

Get the proper nutrients. Minimize your time outside, hot and humid weather is triggering to some individual.

Skipping meals, make sure you eat with 45 minutes to an hour after you get up in the morning.

Make sure that you are getting enough water and that you are getting plenty of rest and sleep. We advised that getting too much sleep can cause a headache as well.

It may be difficult at times but avoid as much stress as possible if you’re a candidate for getting migraine headaches.
Engage in yoga or light aerobic exercises. Don’t do any heavy lifting as this may trigger your headaches.

In closing, take care of yourself and take notes of anything that might trigger migraine headaches in you.






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