living the good life beyond 70

It appears that we’re living longer today, which is great. If you’re healthy in mind and body, But not so good if you are bed ridden or incapacitated. Even though we are living longer than our fore parents or even our own biological parents, longevity would mean nothing if we were unable to move around and be active, go shopping or even travel on occasion.

I for one, am glad that there are miracle drugs that enable us to live a fairly good life well into our nineties or beyond.
But with all the medicines and cures that have been developed over the past 50 or so years, nothing can substitute using common sense and taking care of our precious temple.

Making healthy lifestyle choices is key to living the good life in our golden year. Don’t do things in excess, like over indulging in eating, smoking or using tobacco products, avoiding the fast lifestyle or living a very stressful life and even drinking alcohol excessively.

If you are religious, visiting your place of worship is certainly a very good step in the right direction. Give yourself some time to be thankful and discus matters of concern to you with your friends, family or people that will be open to hearing your advice and would value your wisdom.

This statement may or may not be a little controversial, but it is rumored that women out live men because, women will openly discus things that matter to them with other women. And women won’t allow that wall of pride, that so many men display, get in their way of saying what they feel.

Whether you believe this or not, stress kills, holding in all that stress and not releasing it can cause complications over time, so you go girls, you had it rights all the time, no matter how much the men said you talked too much!

There is no need to be naive about getting older and denying that there are certain diseases and ailments associated with the aging process. Alzheimer disease, memory loss
and others are certainly a part of getting older.

Keeping up a good exercise regime is recommended. Never do anything that is uncomfortable to you, seek advice from a caregiver or physician before embarking on any exercise routine that might be harmful to you. Get plenty of rest and sleep, make sure that your diet consists of those ingredients that will compliment you, not take away from you.

Be very careful while climbing or walking, be careful but don’t be afraid to climb stairs or steps to your house or your bedroom. Injuries from falls result in a large portion of emergency rooms visits by seniors each year.

You don’t have to be a statistic, don’t be in a rush, take your time, do not wear those shoes with the very high heels, this is just a disaster waiting to happen, if you are leery about stairs or steps, ask for help from friends or family members, there are chair lifts that can also assist you.

Continue to take care of your appearance as you age, you’re like a wine that gets better with time.
Never fear aging and effects on your skin and body parts that comes with aging, remember you are beautifully and wonderfully created!

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and the like. Embrace the aging process in you, it’s truly a blessing.
There are products that can enhance your looks and it’ll not cost you and arm and a leg.

Ladies, laugh a lot this is an important part in being mentally and emotionally healthy. Don’t worry, be happy. Don’t try to change the world, just those things that you can control. Worrying about things beyond your influence and control is futile and will only tend to get you depressed.

Ladies it is always a good thing to have a family member or friend around you. Having that audible voice, breaks the silence that caused loneliness. Loss of a friend or spouse can be very difficult to get use to, fill that void with activities like gardening. Playing card games, having friends stay with you and you visit friends.

As long as you’re able to perform without having an assistant there with you 24 hrs a day, stay at home and enjoy your independence. But if the time comes when you need constant help, assisted living is nothing to be ashamed of.

Ladies taking care to use common sense is the greatest asset you can have. Remember. Diet, exercise, visit your care giver, occupy yourself with friends, or that very special friend, and family, this will lead to a long life of happiness and peace.

Have a great Life!

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