Smoking and its effects on your health– a review

Smoking the killer that destroys your health!

There are more negative effects that smoking produces other than bad breath or discolored fingers.

Your house and car also contain  the awful smell and your hair and clothing too.

But, the harm that smoking causes the body is absolutely terrible.

Here is a list of some of the ill effects one can expect from smoking or chewing any tobacco product

Smoking and its effects on the unborn baby.

Were you aware that women that are pregnant and smoke experience babies that are born with low birth weight.

And the still birth rate is increased when pregnant women use tobacco.

Smoking by pregnant women also increases the rate of miscarriages and premature birth rates are also increase drastically.

Ladies please beware that very serious harm is done to your unborn child when you smoke.

Many body parts are damaged when you smoke!

It is said by many, that smoking causes cancer to the mouth, throat and lungs which is true.

But, now it has been determined that smoking causes harm to nearly all the body’s organs.

If you are a smoker, sooner or later, you’ll get high blood pressure and esophagus problems.

Damage to your bladder, and even the pancreas can occur.

Kidney problems along with heart damage and decrease lung capacity.

Smoking also produces damages to the immune system, which opens the door to many other ailments like pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza and rheumatoid arthritis.

Were you aware that damage to the heart and blood cells caused by smoking causes, aneurysms, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Crohn’s disease is another unwelcome guest that smoking tobacco products can assault your body with.

This very serious ailment cause terrible abdominal pain, very serious diarrhea and also constant fatigue.

Ladies more side effects from smoking!

Smoking can have a bad effect on your sexual organs by decreased fertility.

And, in addition to decreased fertility, irregular period cycles have been known to take place when women smoked tobacco products.

Premature or early menopause is also a side effect that smoking has on women and the list goes on.

In Conclusion

With all of the negative things that are experienced when one smokes, the diseases, the smelly clothes and yellowed fingers.

What about all the damages that can be done to the unborn child or even the effects of second hand smoke on society as a whole.

What if you were never able to become a natural mother because smoking had robbed you of your fertility.

And, even your life shortened by years because smoking took that away too.

With all the harmful and hurtful things that will happen if you smoke.

Why does a person enjoy after lighting up that cigarette!



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