Having A Good Laugh Reduces Stress!

How to relieve stress

Want to relieve stress, have a good long laugh. Whether it’s watching a funny video, reading a funny book, a gathering of friends at a funny show or watching a funny movie.


One other good way of reducing stress and tension in your life is just to simply stop thinking about the thing that is causing the stress.

One way that you can help reduce anxiety or stress is to take up some kind of craft like knitting or sewing.

These are wonderful distractions for any problem that might be causing you stress for a while, even though it’s not a permanent fix or cure-all for what ails you.

That precious amount of time that your mind is not on your stressful subject can work wonders.

Reading an interesting book is very good for reducing stress as it can completely take you away from your situation by getting you totally engrossed in the content of the story.
Anything that can take you away from the problem you’re having can give you time to clear your head and face the issue head on again.


It’s always good to have someone to vent to when you’re under pressure, whether it’s a family member like Mom or Dad a sister, if you’re religious, maybe talk to your pastor or priest, a close friend or a spouse.

Tell them exactly what it is that has you under stress and don’t hold back. Your support group may not be able to solve the problem completely but it can work wonders just getting it off your chest sometimes.


A person should never under estimate the power of a good foot massage, body massage or head massage.

A good massage can even reduce depression along with anxiety, helps in getting rid of pain and stiffness in your body, enhance immunity.

Massage increase circulation, reduce spasms and cramping, helps remove dead skin cells, reduce fatigue, increases joint flexibility.

Massage promotes tissue regeneration, eases medication dependence.

It is said that the gentle massage of a masseur can help the relief of toxins from the body and helps to improve your complexion, and improve the look of your hair.

Massage can even tighten loose skin after weight loss but watching your diet is important as well.

The physical touch of a person releases endorphins and hormone in the body, the release of these hormones can give relief to you and give your body a sense of well-being.


Certain foods can actually help the body reduce its stress level.

Things that stress out one person may not be stressful to another, we are all different and are stressed by different things.

Foods such as Blueberries help the body to fight against stress, spinach is a great stress reliever as it contains lots of magnesium and thus helps you feel more relaxed.

Cashews are a great stress reliever as they contain vitamins B6 which helps reduce depression and zinc that helps reduce anxiety, black tea which is known to reduce stress.

Milk can be considered a stress reliever, milk contains an amino acid that signals the brain to release serotonin which produces a calming effect, dark chocolate, broccoli is rich is folic acid and is a great stress reducer.

Avocados are also to one of the best stress reducers ever and make you feel full and satisfied.

The fatty acids in salmon helps the brain reduce the spiking of stress hormones and adrenaline.

Drinking water is one of the most important things you could do to offset stress in your life.

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