Embarrassing Concerns for Women



is a fact that as age becomes more of a factor, there are different issues concerns with the aging woman.

For instance, around age 30, women appear to be more appearance conscious in that age group, certain questions arise about the use of
certain products and what affect it may have on the way they look and how it may affect their health.

One of the things that women are questioning, is the use of the very tight undergarments or shape wear and if the wearing of these so called shape wear garments may be in one way or another harmful to their health or could there be any health risks associated with long term wearing of these undergarments.

The fact is that, if you are wearing these under garments for very long period during the day, the garments themselves could create more heat in certain areas that could lead to a yeast infection. In addition, if you suffer from IBS the wearing of such tight apparel could affect the move of the intestines and make for a very uncomfortable situation.


Ladies around age 40 have mostly had all the children they are going to have and their questions are very much about how they look.

Weight gain is probably the biggest concern during this period in a women’ life but also they may have noticed they may also have an increase in their shoe size.


As women age into their fifties, they may start to experience menopause.

The issue with menopause is not the only issue that women will probably face.

Having issues with their bladder can be a great concern during this period of their llves Bladder leakage is not so uncommon at this time and it will become more noticeable when a woman coughs or laughs or puts any stain on the abdomen.

Be aware that now there is a patch that can be worn on the abdomen and don’t need a prescription to buy it, it can can be bought over the counter.

The medication in this new discovery can usually clear the issue up in a timely manner.


Sixty has been described by some as the new middle age and the reason for that may be the new advances in technology and more awareness of how our bodies function.

We are so thankful of the strides that science has made over the years but there still remains conditions that we must deal with as we reach a certain period in our lives.

Even though heart disease and other issues are still an ever present threat to women sixty and above, the methods for early diagnosis of certain diseases have greatly improved longevity and the quality of life for millions of women all over the world.

Healing medicines that have been invented in the last few years have proven to have been a god send to thousands of people all over the world.

Cosmetics that can help the skin to appear younger and more vibrant can do wonders for the women who suffer from wrinkles and such things as never before in history.


There is no remedy as great as taking care of oneself and following a regimen of proper diet, rest and exercise at any age.

The combination of these three key ingredients can be one of the best defenses in the war against aging and health care for the body.

Regular medical check ups and reading the newest articles in print can help immeasurably in your quest to a healthier more abundant life. All the best to you as you approach the best years of your life!

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