diet soda dangers


The dangers of diet sodas. There have been studies carried out that confirms the fact that drinking diet colas has a negative effect on our body if we only have one swallow of it.

There have been dozens of warnings that have advised us that drinking these drinks were in fact detrimental to our health.

The high sugar content of colas increases insulin levels in the body which in turn increases blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The increased use of sugar encourages weight gain in the body and also diabetes, as well an increase risk of having a heart attack.

One thing that should be mentioned is that sugar causes our skin to have more wrinkles and other sighs of growing older

. Be aware that the chemical in the soda promotes the growth of “Bad” bacterial growth in our intestines. Although it’s sugar free it won’t necessarily help you lose weight.


It has been proven that just drinking one can of these diet colas can start immediately to affect our body.

No amount of these colas are safe to consume as they begin their negative effect from the time they’re consumed.

Just the consumption of one can per day can start a person to having problems with high blood pressure.

Women who drink these drinks especially have been show to suffer from type 2 Diabetes, what do you think?
Are the dangers of drinking the sodas really worth the few moments of pleasure they supposedly give?

Drinking diet sodas may not have any calories but they don’t contain anything good either.


Let’s not be ignorant of the fact that after drinking a sugary soda the teeth, the gums and also the tongue are covered with that sugary concoction for hours.

The soda breaks down the enamel of the tooth causing them to be more susceptible to decay and rot.

If just have to have a soda drink it use a straw so that the soda doesn’t fill your mouth with the sugary mix but lands at the back of the throat by-passing the teeth and gums.

It might be inconvenient at the time but a good rinse using fluoridated
water from the tap or brushing the teeth wouldn’t be a bad idea.


It should be noted that sugary treats and the like are not the contributors to kidney failure but artificial sweeteners are.

It is a proven fact that the dietary version of colas, made with products other that sugar are more destructive that the versions that are made with sugar as a sweetener.


Check the caffeine level in your next bottle of cola, see if there isn’t an unusually high amount the stuff in each bottle or can.

Caffeine causes nervousness, irregular heartbeat, insomnia and sleep problems.

Other problems bought on by caffeine consumption are the increased risk of getting certain types of cancer, depletion of vitamins and minerals and cause breast lumps and also birth defects.

Lessen the effects of this sugary slurry by just having one or two cans a week, no more, does it make sense to consume something that has been proven to be caustic and then expect to have good health?


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