Cleanliness during your period


Many women feel self-conscious during their period, but there is no reason to feel that way. Your period is a natural cycle that all women go through at some point in their lives.

Women today have lots of products to help them feel more comfortable when that little visitor comes to their house. Consider some of these products.


Consider tampons, tampons are the most common menstrual hygiene product for women in America. Tampons are ideal tor the modern day woman because they are small and very easily used.

These tampons are soft and absorbent cotton inserts that are worn on the inside of the vagina to absorb the menstrual fluids that are discharged during a woman s period.

They are available in a variety of absorbency levels including light, regular, heavy, and super to coincide with the actual flow that a woman might experience.

They are easily concealed and disposable when they have completed their use. These tampons should be changed every seven or eight hours as needed.


Be aware that special care should be taken to not wear a tampon longer than a period of eight hours.

Wearing one of these inserts that are more absorbent than you need or longer than you should can cause a condition called Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Sanitary Napkins

If tampons are not your cup of tea, maybe sanitary napkins are more in line with what you prefer.

These napkins or towels, whichever you prefer, can be worn inside of the underwear and come in various lengths and absorbency levels.

They are made of an absorbent material called cellulose and must be thrown away after use.

A few women use them as a second layer of protection in case the tampon they are wearing just happens to leak for some reason.

There are other women that just prefer the pads. Sometimes the tampons make them uncomfortable, they don’t particularly like the feel of the insert inside of their vagina.

Because they have a leak-proof plastic backing, disposable pads can trap smells more than most other hygiene options.


Use a mild soap or body wash on your whole body, including your vulva, and rinse well.

You do not need to use a special soap during this time, this is only a way that stores try to get your money.

It is nothing more that a gimmick to make you feel self consciousness about you menstrual cycle.

A body is suppose to smell like a body and that includes genital that smell the way they are suppose to smell.

Please remember this one thing you should never clean inside your vagina, such as with douches.

Your vagina is a marvel of nature and it is a self-cleaning organ that naturally produces the right balance of mucus to flush out any contaminants, and a douche or wash can disrupt your bodys balance.


If you feel you need extra freshening between showers, try some baby wipes, unscented baby wipes will help get rid of odor.

Use the baby wipe just as you would toilet paper after visiting the bathroom. Wipe only on the outside of the vagina, never on the inside.

Discard the baby wipe in a trash can please, they cannot be flushed like toilet paper and will most likely stop up your drain.

Baby wipes are made for an infant’s skin so they should not irritate your body at all. Just in case you have a mild reaction to these wipes please discontinue use.


You can stay clean and avoid smells by changing your underwear regularly and also keep an eye out for leaks that may happen to slip through.

Be sure to wear cotton underwear. Cotton is a natural fabric that allows air to circulate properly, which can help prevent sweating and smell.

You should also avoid wearing thongs during your menstrual cycle, doing this can transfer germs and bacteria from you anus to the vagina and cause an infection.

Change your underwear if they become damp with sweat from working out or a buildup of fluid, or at least once a day.


Wash your clothing because at times body odor gets stronger during your menstrual cycle and can leave an unpleasant smell in them.

Just wash your clothing with the suggested amout of detergent, include all of your clothing including the underwear.

If blood gets on your clothing or sheets, rinse with cold water as soon as you are able to.

Treat them with a laundry pre-treatment product and let sit overnight. Wash them later with the rest of the laundry as usual.








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