Compression socks and stockings review-who wears them and why


The wearers of compression socks or stockings covers a very wide array of people.

From those that fly planes to the stewardesses, people who are on the feet  for long periods of time.

Compression socks and stockings are certainly used by folks that have varicose or spider veins.

What’s the purpose of wearing compression stocking or socks?

Compression stockings and socks are designed to apply a little pressure to your legs, to help in maintaining blood flow and reduce swelling of the legs

What are some of the benefits of wearing compression socks and stockings?

Compression  stockings aid in reducing the symptoms caused  painful varicose veins and if used regularly, they can significantly slow the disease.

They are also helpful in decreasing the risk of clotting of the blood and pooling of the blood in the legs too.

For athletes, compression socks are designed to reduce swelling, muscle soreness, and muscle fatigue.

What are Compression Socks?

Compression socks are mainly for runners and are made of strong elastic , usually worn up to the knee.

Most brands apply graduated compression, meaning they are tighter around the ankle, and less so at the knee.

The perceived benefit here is that if you can circulate blood faster back to your heart,  and, by this you can regenerate blood quicker to your legs.

What’s the price of Compression socks or stockings?

You can expect to pay from 20.00 upwards for a pair of socks or stockings, of course the medical grade socks or stocking can be significantly more expensive.

But this is not a pricey item considering the benefits that you can get by wearing this amazing footwear.





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