Polio……a look at a once horrible disease!


Polio, short for Poliomyelitis, Polio is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system. Younger children seem to be targeted more than other group of people.

A once rampant disease now has been eliminated in many countries in the world, thanks to a miraculous drug that was discovered in 1953.

It has been eliminated in nearly every country in the world but there are still several countries in the world where the disease still exist.

Many victims of the virus show no symptom at all but can still spread the disease and cause others to catch it.

Some signs of non-paralytic polio can be headache, fever, sore throat, vomiting and fatigue.

About 1 percent of polio cases can develop into paralytic polio. Paralytic polio leads to paralysis in the back or spinal column,

Some symptoms of the paralytic type of polio include loss of reflexes, severe spasms, muscle pain, floppy limbs, one side of the body, sudden paralysis, deformed limbs especially the hips, ankles, and feet.

This is a little known fact about the disease, even if a victim of polio has recovered, the disease can return even after many years.

Some signs of the return of the disease are muscle and joint weakness, easily to become exhausted or fatigued, having problems breathing and swallowing,
trouble with concentration and memory.


Polio is a very highly contagious virus, polio transmits through contact with feces.

Children toys that have come near infected feces, or bathroom cleaning tools can also transmit the virus.

Transmission can occur through a sneeze or a cough, as the virus lives in the throat and intestines.

People living in areas with no access to running water or toilets can contract the virus from drinking water that contaminated by animal waste.

Taking a trip to an area where the disease still is active should be of a great concern to you if you’ve not been vaccinated. Have visitors from an area where polio still active.


Doctors can only treat polio while the infection is actively running its course.

Although the best way is to get a vaccination against it, after the disease has begun the doctor may or bed rest, medications for pain, drugs to relax muscles, drugs for urinary tract infections, ventilators to help with breathing, physical therapy.

Polio is a highly contagious virus that can result in spinal cord and brain stem paralysis.

It would be wise that every country that doesn’t have a campaign against the horrid disease start one immediately so that all child would be immunized by their second month after birth.

The vaccination of young children in every part of the world could mean world free of the disease and no more suffering due to contracting it.








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living the good life beyond 70

It appears that we’re living longer today, which is great. If you’re healthy in mind and body, But not so good if you are bed ridden or incapacitated. Even though we are living longer than our fore parents or even our own biological parents, longevity would mean nothing if we were unable to move around and be active, go shopping or even travel on occasion.

I for one, am glad that there are miracle drugs that enable us to live a fairly good life well into our nineties or beyond.
But with all the medicines and cures that have been developed over the past 50 or so years, nothing can substitute using common sense and taking care of our precious temple.

Making healthy lifestyle choices is key to living the good life in our golden year. Don’t do things in excess, like over indulging in eating, smoking or using tobacco products, avoiding the fast lifestyle or living a very stressful life and even drinking alcohol excessively.

If you are religious, visiting your place of worship is certainly a very good step in the right direction. Give yourself some time to be thankful and discus matters of concern to you with your friends, family or people that will be open to hearing your advice and would value your wisdom.

This statement may or may not be a little controversial, but it is rumored that women out live men because, women will openly discus things that matter to them with other women. And women won’t allow that wall of pride, that so many men display, get in their way of saying what they feel.

Whether you believe this or not, stress kills, holding in all that stress and not releasing it can cause complications over time, so you go girls, you had it rights all the time, no matter how much the men said you talked too much!

There is no need to be naive about getting older and denying that there are certain diseases and ailments associated with the aging process. Alzheimer disease, memory loss
and others are certainly a part of getting older.

Keeping up a good exercise regime is recommended. Never do anything that is uncomfortable to you, seek advice from a caregiver or physician before embarking on any exercise routine that might be harmful to you. Get plenty of rest and sleep, make sure that your diet consists of those ingredients that will compliment you, not take away from you.

Be very careful while climbing or walking, be careful but don’t be afraid to climb stairs or steps to your house or your bedroom. Injuries from falls result in a large portion of emergency rooms visits by seniors each year.

You don’t have to be a statistic, don’t be in a rush, take your time, do not wear those shoes with the very high heels, this is just a disaster waiting to happen, if you are leery about stairs or steps, ask for help from friends or family members, there are chair lifts that can also assist you.

Continue to take care of your appearance as you age, you’re like a wine that gets better with time.
Never fear aging and effects on your skin and body parts that comes with aging, remember you are beautifully and wonderfully created!

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and the like. Embrace the aging process in you, it’s truly a blessing.
There are products that can enhance your looks and it’ll not cost you and arm and a leg.

Ladies, laugh a lot this is an important part in being mentally and emotionally healthy. Don’t worry, be happy. Don’t try to change the world, just those things that you can control. Worrying about things beyond your influence and control is futile and will only tend to get you depressed.

Ladies it is always a good thing to have a family member or friend around you. Having that audible voice, breaks the silence that caused loneliness. Loss of a friend or spouse can be very difficult to get use to, fill that void with activities like gardening. Playing card games, having friends stay with you and you visit friends.

As long as you’re able to perform without having an assistant there with you 24 hrs a day, stay at home and enjoy your independence. But if the time comes when you need constant help, assisted living is nothing to be ashamed of.

Ladies taking care to use common sense is the greatest asset you can have. Remember. Diet, exercise, visit your care giver, occupy yourself with friends, or that very special friend, and family, this will lead to a long life of happiness and peace.

Have a great Life!

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Things girls should do at 30!

When you’re done chasing after all the things that you decided you just had to do. When you were fresh out of high school, And, also in those wild, carefree days of college, boy did you have a ball. Now it’s time to settle down and wise up a bit. Although the running and ripping may be a lot of fun, now it’s time to put away the childish stuff and put on womanhood.
You never, have to stop having a fun time and enjoying life, just realize, that you need to just do things in moderation.
I promise you that as you age, you will find out that the little things that you hardly noticed in your more youthful days, will start needing more attention as you approach your 30s and 40s.
Here’s a short list of things to give attention to as the energetic young lady that you used to be, turns into that more mature lady that you are now.


Starting a diet, without a doubt offers many great benefits. Dieting helps to tone your body, so that you look more attractive and along with exercise gets you in the best shape you can be in, So, if you want the look of a lean, mean, healthy machine, shedding those extra pounds and paying attention to your caloric intake is critical.

Did you know that dieting helps protect the body from certain diseases. For instance, diseases such as obesity, heart disease and even diabetes. Being overweight puts extra stress on the skeletal system as well.

It’s just a fact, with a healthy diet your body just functions better. Not to mention that perfect physique you’re looking for. And might I just add that, usually if you look better, you feel better too!


Having a good workout not only improves your looks but it also helps you to sleep better. No matter your work schedule, you can always find the time to get in some good exercise.

Exercise improves your attitude and thus your creativity and also your memory. Want to get rid that fatigue feeling, go and lace up your running shoes and take them for a short run.

Another good reason to workout is that you’ll experience fewer sick days on your job. It appears that exercise and frequent workouts can help fight the bacteria that causes colds and the flue.

Sorry Ladies, but Mother Nature has made a visit, and you’re dealing with the discomfort and pain of seeing that time of month again. If you want to lessen the effect of that time, exercising will certainly come to your rescue. So when the pain kicks in, you can kick it back with natural pain relief released when you workout.

Without getting technical explaining all the “feel good things” that are released when we work out, the bottom line is, it just makes you feel like a million bucks!


This so very important to do if you’re have a high risk profile. Breast examination is simple to do and not much time is required performing the procedure. Not doing this easy procedure because you’re afraid, won’t make the risk go away. If any problems are discovered early, then usually your chances of a cure are increased.

In addition to a self-examination, by all means schedule a mammogram test annually, from thirty years old and beyond.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure, that if your caloric intake is higher than the calories you burn, you are definitely going to start gaining a little weight.

I want to rule out that your caloric intake does depends on someone else caloric intake or that a certain number is normal for a person you size, build or age.

To just say that you should be taking in a certain amount of calories a day from a chart somewhere just doesn’t make sense, go and get someone with the knowledge to knows what they’re doing to figure what right for you.

To get an accurate rate of how you burn calories, you need to get metabolic calculator to figure it out.

Be extremely cautious because if your intake rate is too low, problems can arise such as your body looking for sources of calories to keep your organs functioning properly, this will often make you feel sluggish and irate.


Why pamper your feet you might ask, well, the feet are the foundation of the body and if the foundation fails, similar to any structure the whole thing will crumble.

There’s no need for me to say that neglected feet can cause some serious conditions. Let’s just mention a few ailments attributed to ignored feet.

What about fungus infections, cracked heels, calluses, corns and the list goes on. Ladies please wear the proper footwear, none of those ill-fitting tight shoes that murder your feet all day long, please give them a break!

Give the feet good care by washing them, exercising them, clean off the dead skin and apply a good moisturizing lotion to them. Almost every action done through the day involves the feet. Where would, you be without them.


Having a great posture will benefit you tremendously, stand straight and don’t sump is an expression that I’ve heard most of my life.

The older women around the age of my Grandma would always say, walk straight, sit straight and not to slouch in your chair.

That was some real good advice coming from them back in those days. Because, not walking straight and slouching in your chair helped to prevent rounding of the spine.


Your know the kinds of meals we’re talking about here right? Stop, visiting all those take out places, like McDonalds and a few others that shall remain nameless.

They are trying to cater to the public now with healthier meals but you still have to have your radar on so you can detect the bad from the good cuisine.

You don’t have to

You don’t have to completely cut out the potato chips and other snack foods and sweets but use some discretion when indulging in such foods.


Sex is very good for women, it strengthens those muscles in avoiding involuntary urine discharge.

Another great benefit is stress relief. Sex can energize one person, while the other may experience a calming or sleepy effect.

It can and does burn calories and the exercise that you get from the act can actually form and tone your body.

Who would have ever believed that having a romp between the sheets could actually fight off colds and sneezing.

Also, ladies, sex has been known to relieve some cramps associated with your cycle and even gives you a lighter flow.


Why should drink water more often. When you exercise, as this article suggests you do, Fluid is lost by sweating and drinking plenty of water replaces the fluids lost during your workouts.

Another benefit of drinking water is, water beautifies the skin and keeps it healthy. Your skin is a natural barrier to help you not to lose excessive fluids, it’s like a protective shield covering your whole body.

Drinking water relieves your bodies of toxins, regulates your bowels, increases your energy levels and much more

Without your consumption of water your whole body would not function correctly. Are 8 glasses of water enough or are 8 glasses too much. You know body better than anyone else on the planet, you decide what’s right for you.


This list is not inclusive of everything that you must keep check on as you age ladies, but is meant to provoke your thinking as to the things that should be regularly checked to insure your health and well-being. Doing this list can and will save you a lot of misery and discomfort.

If there are question or suggestion contact me at,


Robert Garrett

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ARTHRITIS-help for older women

Arthritis is probably the number one ailment that affects women and men as we age. Also, it is the single most incurable condition that can affect each and every one of us in our joints and the cartilage that surrounds them.

Right now there is no known cure for this sometimes crippling disease, but research continues to make progress in ways that may someday relieve us completely of the pain and discomforts that are produced by this menacing ailment.

Early diagnosis and the appropriate treatment can and does make a bit of a difference in the severity of the disease but still,  it is something that once you have it, you have to contend with it.



Aside from chemical or medicinal treatments, there are certain foods that appear to help lessen the pain that is associated with this horrible disease.

Broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage all have a compound that in them that which help slows the damage that is done to the cartilage in the joints due to arthritis.

Kale or cauliflower added to your meal, whether in a salad or however you choose to prepare it, can be a tremendous help in reducing the pain and discomfort also.


If you are a lover of seafood like salmon, tuna and mackerel, you’re in luck. These fish are chocked full of omega 3 fatty acids that can work wonders for your joints.

These amazing fish can fight off inflammation of the joints which can be tremendously painful,  they are very good at how they can help manage fighting off that problem.

Be reminded that you can also buy omega 3 supplements in capsule form to help your daily intake of this amazing fatty acid.

Seek the advice of a doctor or pharmacist that is aware of your medical history before taking it.

Allow them to advise you on the proper amount to take because they would know what what is right for you, and what brand would be best for you.


Were you aware that garlic, onions and leeks, which are in the same family, are very effective at helping at damage control when it comes to arthritis?

These amazing items contain a compound that actually helps limit the damage that can be done to cartilage.


One of the most amazing spices that help in the reduction of inflammation is turmeric, which really not a food product at all.

It is used quite a bit in Indian cuisines and also curry.


Eating fruits such as strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and even cantaloupe are great natural sources of vitamin c and really do slow the progression of arthritis.

Eating one item each day from this group of delicious fruit is not only tasty but also a defense to help you in the reduction of that horrid disease we called arthritis.

You can also take vitamin c as a supplement but as always, consult a knowledgeable source before indulging in taking any amount of any kind of a supplement.


If you have questions about anything at all, please drop a comment and I’ll be touch. also email me at:


Stay in good heath!



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Smoking and its effects on your health– a review

Smoking the killer that destroys your health!

There are more negative effects that smoking produces other than bad breath or discolored fingers.

Your house and car also contain  the awful smell and your hair and clothing too.

But, the harm that smoking causes the body is absolutely terrible.

Here is a list of some of the ill effects one can expect from smoking or chewing any tobacco product

Smoking and its effects on the unborn baby.

Were you aware that women that are pregnant and smoke experience babies that are born with low birth weight.

And the still birth rate is increased when pregnant women use tobacco.

Smoking by pregnant women also increases the rate of miscarriages and premature birth rates are also increase drastically.

Ladies please beware that very serious harm is done to your unborn child when you smoke.

Many body parts are damaged when you smoke!

It is said by many, that smoking causes cancer to the mouth, throat and lungs which is true.

But, now it has been determined that smoking causes harm to nearly all the body’s organs.

If you are a smoker, sooner or later, you’ll get high blood pressure and esophagus problems.

Damage to your bladder, and even the pancreas can occur.

Kidney problems along with heart damage and decrease lung capacity.

Smoking also produces damages to the immune system, which opens the door to many other ailments like pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza and rheumatoid arthritis.

Were you aware that damage to the heart and blood cells caused by smoking causes, aneurysms, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Crohn’s disease is another unwelcome guest that smoking tobacco products can assault your body with.

This very serious ailment cause terrible abdominal pain, very serious diarrhea and also constant fatigue.

Ladies more side effects from smoking!

Smoking can have a bad effect on your sexual organs by decreased fertility.

And, in addition to decreased fertility, irregular period cycles have been known to take place when women smoked tobacco products.

Premature or early menopause is also a side effect that smoking has on women and the list goes on.

In Conclusion

With all of the negative things that are experienced when one smokes, the diseases, the smelly clothes and yellowed fingers.

What about all the damages that can be done to the unborn child or even the effects of second hand smoke on society as a whole.

What if you were never able to become a natural mother because smoking had robbed you of your fertility.

And, even your life shortened by years because smoking took that away too.

With all the harmful and hurtful things that will happen if you smoke.

Why does a person enjoy after lighting up that cigarette!



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