Are Breast Implants Safe?


Breast augmentation has been the number one cosmetic procedure done in the United States for many years now. According to statistics nearly five percent of women in the United States have breast implants.

Implants are said to define and improve the appearance of lots of women who have small breasts as well as for those who want to increase their bust size for different reasons.

It might be also mentioned that breast implants are used in women who have experience cancer of the breast and had either one or both of their natural breast removed by surgical means.

For the most part breast implants are considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration but some women being different their varying opinions as to implants being safe or harmful.
There are several kinds of implants, Saline and Silicone, neither of the two have ever been directly the cause of any health issues in women although Saline implants are somewhat preferred over Silicone.


Some women have complained about aches and pains, headaches, fibromyalgia, thyroid imbalance and other symptoms as well.
It would be worth mentioning at this point that all implants at some point will develop a hole and leak, it’s just a natural occurrence, as all man-made materials break down over time and implants are no exception to the rule.

One advantage that the Saline implant has over the Silicone is that if it should happen to develop a hole in it you really can’t tell if it has failed or not it just gets smaller in volume on the side that the leak has occurred.

On the other hand the implants that consist of silicone if a leak should occur it’s really no big deal, the older implants were made a lot differently than they are today, they have more viscosity and are more dependable to a degree.

Silicone is the most commonly used implant but has gotten a bad reputation in the past.

There are still on going studies being carried out by the Food and Drug Administration to see if either the Saline type of implant or the Silicone type of implant has any reason for concern as far as being a cancer causing agent.

It has been suggested that those recipients of either Saline or Silicone implants do follow up inspections every ten years or so not to see if there’s a risk of cancer but for leakage, swelling or redness in the area.


Can a breast implant explode due to high elevation, when you’re flying or mountain climbing, the simple answer to that question is absolutely not.

The implants today are made of such high quality medical grade material that it would be impossible for that to happen.

Even when getting a mammogram or if the wearer were in a car crash the results would still be the same.

Is a woman ever too old to have breast implants, the answer is no but there are conditions that must be considered.

As a woman increases in age, her breast tissue changes, the skin tends to stretch and sagging comes into play. There must be in some cases a breast lift before there can be a breast augmentation.

There have been issues bought up by a few women, one of these conditions was called moldy breast.

It was said to have left one of the victims covered scars, with pain, fibromyalgia and other issues she says were bought on by the breast augmentation she had years previous.

If you are considering a breast augmentation, get all the information that is available to you.

Talk to your doctor to see if you are able to withstand having breast implants. Consider why you are getting implants, are the risks worth it.

Although most say that the procedure is completely safe remember this is not a difficult operation but pays the plastic surgeon very well.

All operations come with some side effects, don’t allow implants to effect your health negatively.




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