What is Fasting?…is it safe?…what are the benefits?


Fasting is the act of abstaining from some or all food or drink, especially as a religious observance.

Some people who fast, say that they have noticed that they have increase energy, better digestion and has helped in maintaining an ideal weight.

Let’s establish what intermittent means first of all, it means that this is not doing without food or drink for long periods of time but at irregular intervals.

This could mean that you only ate at a certain hour of the day or maybe you skipped a day and ate and drank on odd or even days of the week.

This is entirely up to the individual as to the time of day or the number of days they were going to fast, abstaining from food or drink or both.


What conditions are healed through fasting you might ask, fasting itself does not heal the body but just like many other live entities the body possess the power to both cleanse and heal itself.

What fasting does is give the body conditions on which it heals and cleanses itself.

As we medicines to treat our ailments and diseases, this adds to our body toxicity which is of not benefit whatsoever to our body.

As the body gives us signals that its trying to heal itself by acting abnormally according to the way we’re led to believe, let me describe it this way if your car has a “service engine” light to come on should we ignore it or cut the wire leading to the light?

If we cut the signal wire that says something has gone wrong and is giving us a warning sign we should pay attention to the warning not cover it up or let go untreated.

Like we stated earlier, fasting gives the body the opportunity to heal what’s wrong with it naturally.
Fasting is good for your body but done wrong it can be dangerous and long-term lasting consequences.


As you are well aware the brain is one of the most important parts of the body and it is the part of the body that you should want to run perfectly all the time.

Intermittent fast is said to help to increase the brains power and that it is fasting not eating that causes the brain to run in tip-top condition all the time.


You may wonder what are the benefits of fasting. One good benefit of fasting is that is causes your body to rest, Even in the Bible fasting is mentioned for spiritual enlightenment
and also modern day medicine says that fasting allows your gut to rest and naturally build your hormone level.

If you suffer from leaky gut syndrome, constipation or diarrhea intermittent fasting can work wonders for these conditions and let’s not forget weight loss and detoxification.
Other benefits include blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance, helps fight inflammation, enhances heart health by improving blood pressure, boosts metabolism, increases muscle strength, delays the aging process and could help in the prevention of certain cancers.


There are truly some great benefits to be had by fasting but the downside is there is also some negative things that can be caused by fasting.

If you are a person that suffers from diabetes or low blood sugar, fasting can cause spikes in your blood sugar and cause crashes which are dangerous.

It is best to seek the advice of a doctor if you plan to fast for periods that exceed twenty-four hours.

Attempting to fast could offer great results but it could be unhealthy if done wrong.

One should consider their age and medical conditon before any fast is attempted.

Water fasting could dehydrate the body to a certain degree and could cause problems if continued for long periods.

The same things apply when it comes to abstaining from food for long periods of time.

Use some discretion and not jump into fasting just because someone said the benefits were to great to ignore.

A healthy individual should start a little at a time until he or she has been conditioned for longer periods of time. Think safety whatever you do!






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diet soda dangers


The dangers of diet sodas. There have been studies carried out that confirms the fact that drinking diet colas has a negative effect on our body if we only have one swallow of it.

There have been dozens of warnings that have advised us that drinking these drinks were in fact detrimental to our health.

The high sugar content of colas increases insulin levels in the body which in turn increases blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The increased use of sugar encourages weight gain in the body and also diabetes, as well an increase risk of having a heart attack.

One thing that should be mentioned is that sugar causes our skin to have more wrinkles and other sighs of growing older

. Be aware that the chemical in the soda promotes the growth of “Bad” bacterial growth in our intestines. Although it’s sugar free it won’t necessarily help you lose weight.


It has been proven that just drinking one can of these diet colas can start immediately to affect our body.

No amount of these colas are safe to consume as they begin their negative effect from the time they’re consumed.

Just the consumption of one can per day can start a person to having problems with high blood pressure.

Women who drink these drinks especially have been show to suffer from type 2 Diabetes, what do you think?
Are the dangers of drinking the sodas really worth the few moments of pleasure they supposedly give?

Drinking diet sodas may not have any calories but they don’t contain anything good either.


Let’s not be ignorant of the fact that after drinking a sugary soda the teeth, the gums and also the tongue are covered with that sugary concoction for hours.

The soda breaks down the enamel of the tooth causing them to be more susceptible to decay and rot.

If just have to have a soda drink it use a straw so that the soda doesn’t fill your mouth with the sugary mix but lands at the back of the throat by-passing the teeth and gums.

It might be inconvenient at the time but a good rinse using fluoridated
water from the tap or brushing the teeth wouldn’t be a bad idea.


It should be noted that sugary treats and the like are not the contributors to kidney failure but artificial sweeteners are.

It is a proven fact that the dietary version of colas, made with products other that sugar are more destructive that the versions that are made with sugar as a sweetener.


Check the caffeine level in your next bottle of cola, see if there isn’t an unusually high amount the stuff in each bottle or can.

Caffeine causes nervousness, irregular heartbeat, insomnia and sleep problems.

Other problems bought on by caffeine consumption are the increased risk of getting certain types of cancer, depletion of vitamins and minerals and cause breast lumps and also birth defects.

Lessen the effects of this sugary slurry by just having one or two cans a week, no more, does it make sense to consume something that has been proven to be caustic and then expect to have good health?


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Now to maintain healthy bones for a lifetime


Let us first remember that our bones contain calcium and lots of it, in fact over 99% of the calcium in our body is in our bones.

Taking this in consideration, wouldn’t it be in our best interest to boost the amount of calcium in our body to make sure that our bones were getting the right amount to keep them healthy?

Our bones can get what is called Osteoporosis, this is a condition that causes the bones in our body to become weak and fragile.

Our body doesn’t make calcium so in order to get the calcium in needs we need to eat and drink those things that will nourish our bones.


One food that is great in increasing the levels of calcium in our body is Sardines. Don’t allow the smell of the sardines deter you from eating this amazing source of calcium.

These little guys can have over 300 milligrams of calcium in them. Another amazing source of calcium is Salmon, you can expect to get about a 180 milligrams of calcium from this amazing fish.


As women grow older we see a hormonal decrease and we’ll experience a decrease in bone density.

This is where therapy comes in, along with eating and drinking foods and fluids that benefit and strengthen our bone, exercise is also needed to help.

One good thing to practice is posture, sitting and standing correctly can greatly increase the strength of our bones.

Walking, who would’ve ever imagined that taking a simple stroll could actually help to make our bones much more resistant to fractures and bone breakage.

Any type of weight bearing exercise, within reason, can help us maintain strong bones throughout our life.


One of the best exercises that can be done is to get down on your hands and knees and lift one arm at a time for a few seconds, also lift one leg at a time for a few seconds.

As you get better at doing this, try lifting a leg and an arm at the same time and hold for a few seconds. This kind of exercise not only strengthens the bones but also helps our balance as well.

Doing push-ups is another great weight bearing exercise that you could employ in you efforts to increase your bods’ bone health.
Gently get down on all fours if this is comfortable for you and with your arms, gently start pushing up you body weight.

If is a bit hard to manage, just go to a wall and using your arms push your body towards and away from the wall. This should be done with your back straight and when you are comfortable using both arms try it using just one arm. But don’t overdo it.

Remember that your legs also need to strengthened also, so if you have stairs at your house, you can gently step up on a stair step and step down, repeat with the other leg until you’re comfortable that you’ve done your best.

Use what you have at home to do these simple exercises to save on the cost of a therapist unless you feel more at ease using one.

You can also use weights in your endeavor to strengthen your bone structure but start at using one pound weights and then as you’re comfortable you can graduate to more weight.


To make your bones stronger and deter bone loss use these to help. Using coconut oil, coconut oil is great for cooking and you can consume a couple of teaspoons per day as well.

The old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and it also helps maintain bone strength.

Sesame seeds are a very good source of calcium that can add strength to your bone structure, chew on a handful of these each day and release all the goodies that are contained inside them.

Another good food that helps is almond milk, almond milk contains magnesium and potassium that are essential for bone strength.

Eating prunes on a daily basis can help prevent fractures and osteoporosis.

Another good food to help your bones is pineapple, the minerals inside pineapple can help preventing and treating osteopororis.

Dark leafy green vegetables such as collard green, spinach, mustard greens and kale are all beneficial in helping to strenghten your bones.

Cabbage is another great vegetable to help your bones along with green peas.


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