Guess what I found out?………….everything old is new again!


I used to hear my Dad say he’d never get rid of his old clothes because, as soon as he did, they’d be back in style again.

A truer statement was never made, it became apparent to me after I got older than the same could be applied to a lot of things in life.

I remember as we were growing up, we always had a vegetable garden. The food could not get any fresher than the ones harvested straight from the garden.

And because, we never used any chemicals on our plants, they were in a sense safer to eat and enjoy. Imagine what organic foods costs in today s marketplace.
Organic foods costs us more at the supermarket because, they don’t have the growth hormones that most farmers use today.

They take longer to grow, there is more labor involved, the fertilizers that is used by conventional farmers are never used on these foods.

It has been proven that organically grown produce taste better, has a longer shelf life than the conventionally grown product.

Some may makes the argument that organically grown product don’t taste any different from the average product but if nothing else the pesticides that it take to grow non organic foods are not present.

There are also no fungicides, insecticides, Herbicides, bio-engineered genes, no petroleum based fertilizer, no sewage sludge-based fertilizers or preservatives used in processing these foods.


Organically grown foods have and abundance of nutrients, such as antioxidants.

People with food allergies find that the allergies often just disappear, compared to the foods grown with chemicals and preservatives.

Organic farming practices are safer for the environment as they are safer for wildlife. The use of pesticides that are used to get rid of bugs in conventional farming are not used and don’t kill the birds, geese and other fowl.

Fish in our lakes, rivers and streams are also unharmed unlike conventional practices.
Because of pesticides, people are at higher risk of certain cancer, such as prostate and breast cancer.

It is a sad reality but unborn babies are at more risk than the rest of us, because of their undeveloped bodies, immune system damage, motor functions are possible.

The horrible reality is that weeds and pests have morphed into super bugs or weeds and it is beginning to take stronger and stronger chemicals to control them.

As I was taking to a farmer one day, the discussion of pest control came up. The pest that bores the holes in cotton before it matures, called a boll weevil, was actually immersed into a cupful of the poison that was supposed to destroy and it just crawled out of the chemical and went on its way!
Needless to say feeling that I got was that of hopelessness because if the chemical that was designed to kill it, had no effect on it, what were the farmers suppose to do next?

The harsher the chemicals used to control the pests and insects, the more damage that is being done to our planet. It has been estimated that about two-thirds of the United States underground water has already been contaminated by the use of these powerful poisons.

Here is a list of some of the most pesticide ridden foods that we consume regularly.

Kale, collard greens, yellow squash, tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, celery, cayenne pepper, cucumbers, and potatoes. Some the fruit on the list include grapes, peaches, and strawberries.

These are some of least contaminated food and are not of great risk to the consumer. Asparagus, sweet corn, cabbage mushrooms, egg plant, mango, avocado, onions, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, grape fruit and several others. It is in your budget grass beef is best and organic dairy products.

To help you eat healthy all year, here are a few tips to help you in your endeavor.

Buy fruits and vegetable at their peak, either freeze or if know how, start canning them using mason jars, just like the ones Grandma used to preserve vegetables and fruits back in her day.

Canning foods is an art and will take some practice to be really good at it. But with determination and the will to serve good nutritious foods to your family it can be done.

Of course freezing foods will be the choice of many, it is easier because it is not as labor intensive as canning. Freezing your organic meats will also be an option you can employ.

Catch the pork or beef on sale and put it in the freezer until needed. Buying in bulk can save a lot of money, so shop around and get the best deals out there.

Eating healthy won’t cost you a lot, common sense is the key when shopping for organic foods.

Just like my Dad said, just when you thought everything was out of style, it pops back up again!

You can eat safely and healthy even though you don’t have a vegetable garden at home like we used to have. Visit your farmers market or other outlets and eat the best and safest meals on earth!






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PHYSICAL MOBILITY…………….or lack of it!


When we think of the loss of mobility, we often think of the elderly. We imagine in our minds eye a man or women that are maybe in their eighties, trying to climb stairs or simply walking at the mall.

Even though we’ll be addressing the elderly, younger people can also fall victim to immobility too.

You see an older person with a cane or walker trying to get to an appointment, either at the doctors’ office, or using a motorized wheelchair at the grocery store, that’s the picture we paint for ourselves when we think of being immobile.

Thousands of us today lack the movement that we enjoyed only a few years ago, it may be as simple as getting to the bathroom or walking across a room to get into bed.

Regardless of the complexity of our immobility, it still puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to our everyday routines. Just think for a moment of a person, let us use a healthy, fully functioning person for example, that has never had any issues with immobility.

What kind of mental stress would they endure if suddenly they could get no further that someone put them or had to have some device to assist them in getting there.
There are many social and physical barriers that face someone that either has no mobility at all or has very little. Think of things we that have mobility don’t have to deal with.

You need to visit the bathroom, and unassisted you can’t go, so what happens, you normally release you body waste on yourself, creating a problem with possibly getting an infection from being unsanitary and developing a nasty odor that often repels people who ordinarily visit you or invite you to a social gathering.

Being immobile
can also take a toll on you family as well. Say for instance, you’re unable to go have a bowel movement, the relatives have come to you aid for months and it appears you’re not getting better and their patience has grown hair thin, now they’re at their wits end, what can we do.

Picture this scenario, you son-in-law decided to move you into the house with the family, now he and his wife are at each others throats because, the house has a defensive odor of urine and cleaning compounds all the time.
There seems to be a lot of negative output when it comes to one that can’t get from one place to another without assistance.

The family ties are almost broken quite often, health issues with the victim have risen, sanitary and cleanliness problems seem to be an everyday occurrence as well.

It almost seems like a Tsunami at times, between getting the patient to their appointments, getting their bills paid, going to get groceries, cleaning and bathing the patient, doing the laundry, preparing meals, it can be very overwhelming at times.
Rather than coming to blows with family members, opt to install or buy equipment help the patient in getting where they need to be. Let us assume that the patient has a bedroom on the second floor.

There are commercials that are aired everyday advertising chair lifts that can safely get anyone to the next level of their home safely.

Purchasing a scooter for that special someone just might be the single most important thing you could do to aid someone with limited mobility.

This battery operated vehicle can give back some freedom that one has lost because of their inability to move around. These vehicles are very inexpensive and certainly won’t break the bank.

They can be used for shopping, going to social gatherings, inside and outside of the home.
Buying a lift chair can be a blessing to one that suffers from immobility. The advantages are only surpassed by the special comments that come from the user.

You can spend whatever the budget allows to get one of the special chairs, which even comes with a heated edition and vibrator type. It is a must-have when it comes to aiding someone when sitting of trying to stand.

Shower chairs are a great piece of equipment to have for your loved one if they suffer from immobility. These chairs are just what the doctor ordered when the time come to shower.

Also tubs in the bathroom can be refitted to accommodate anyone that has a problem with mobility.

It is designed where once the door to the tub closes it seals completely and the patient never has to sit in the tub like a conventional one, but is seated in a comfortable position and the water can fill to the upper waist.
There are many products that can aid in visiting the bathroom, like toilets that are higher, toilet lifts, there are even models that can be positioned beside the bed that can be easily accessed.

Placing handrails in the shower stall and around the toilet can be very helpful in meeting the needs of those having immobility issues.
Electric beds for those with mobility problems can be purchased almost anywhere, the cost are more that reasonable and are controlled with buttons to place the user in any position they wish. These beds typically start around twelve hundred dollars up.

Walk as much as possible is a strong recommendation if you have mobility issues.

Doing exercises while you are seated can be more beneficial than you can imagine, throwing punches at nothing at all, twisting and turning in your wheel chair, doing dance moves with your feet while sitting, even a little weight training if it doesn’t cause pain helps a lot.






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