GIVE HONOR TO WHOM IT’S DUE…………listen young person!

Welcome your golden years with enthusiasm and expectancy!


It’s shameful the way our society looks at aging. The picture that people paint of our elders is one of being slow, mentally unstable, bedridden or otherwise a drain on society.

There are admittedly a few things that go along with growing older that may be thought of as being not so good, but there are also tons of stuff that are beneficial to us from those that are aging.

For instance the elderly have a storehouse of knowledge, if you ask, they could share some incredible stories that would be of great help to you.

Learn to listen to the elderly, you’ll be the better for it. Being older and listening to them adds a certain tranquility and peacefulness to your life.

There was a saying that “The good thing about being old is not being young” but that is not always the case, youth has its good points too.

Honor the aged by being courteous, say sir or ma’am, offer your help to them, be patient, make them feel important, they deserve it.

The older people are more cool tempered they are. Older people have more of an appreciation for life, unlike the young it seems.

Stuff that used to be taken for granted are not thought of in the same way as when you were younger.

We may not be able to run a marathon anymore, we aren’t so swift of foot anymore, but boy we sure can beat the pants off of the younger generation in a marathon of
just being smart.

To dismiss the wisdom of an older person, causes you to miss a lot.

Older folks don’t hang out at the same places or listen to the same music as a younger person because their taste in lots of stuff changes.

We sure have changed a lot in our modern times, used to be, a youngster would speak respectfully to someone who was older.

But nowadays, they don’t speak respectfully to them, but wish they would get out our way.

What happened to those days when doors were opened, seats were offered, kind words were spoken, all for the elderly.

I guess that’s why so many older people don’t go out anymore or stay at the cosmetics counter all day, trying to look young again.

There’s nothing wrong with looking your best at any age but you don’t have to try to recapture the days of your youth over again, just to be able to be accepted you’re perfect the way you are.



Don’t take the advice of the elderly for granted and treat it as a floor mat. There are hundreds if not thousands of pieces of advice that can make your world a better place, just listen as they speak.

Listen to advice they give like, stay away from your neighbors house, too many visits make enemies.

The elderly say, you shouldn’t burn your bridges behind you, you must show respect to get it, if you can’t speak a kind word about someone, shut your mouth.

Another favorite is, treat the ones that hate you with love, take one day at a time, learn to forgive.

There are many wise sayings that have been handed down to us by people who lived through different situations in life and learn how to survive even thrive in the harshest environment.

Their life experiences can keep us from going down the wrong paths in life and save us a lot of misery and disappointment.


Aside from the fact that we have been gifted with many skills left to us by our precious fore parents.

We owe a debt of gratitude for the prayers she taught us to pray.

The times she took us to the wood shed, making sure she got her point across. We were taught to do our chores, doing them right the first time.

How she steadied our nerves when we were all shook up. We found comfort in her arms during a violent thunderstorm.

Even though she was tired and her fingers were swollen from the toll the years had taken, she taught us how to mend our socks, play an instrument and even preserve vegetables and fruit.

We will never be able to repay all the kindness and goodness that they have given us.

That’s why the aged should always hold a special place in our hearts, especially for the good things they have bestowed on us.

For anyone that doesn’t show honor and courtesy to these outstanding pillars of our society…………shame on you.
What did she give to make a better life for you. The work, the pressure that she endured to ensure a better life for you.

All the sleepless nights and birthing pangs that took the beauty from her and replaced it with lines and wrinkles.

You’re not going to have an enjoyable life dismissing and overlooking her as if she never existed.

Those fake words and tears are the epitome of what’s wrong with us as a people.

We dropped the ball and watched it as it rolled into oblivion, never to look back at this forgotten thread that held our population together!





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Bowels front and center………Your poop and you!

Let’s talk about a subject that’s not the topic of a lot of conversation these days, but should be. What are bowels as related to humans.

We could say that it is excrement or the solid waste that the body expels or gets rid of. Even in a state that most of us rather not deal with, our poop holds a lot of information about us.

After doing the job of pooping and finishing the paperwork, we sometimes glance at it by instinct or curiosity. The smell, color, or texture of our poop gives us an idea of what’s going on inside us.

For instance, if our poop is runny or watery, most commonly called diarrhea, this could indicate the flu, something that you ate that disagreed with you, stress in your life, in the case of women, starting your menstrual cycle.

Along with the loose or watery stool, fever may accompany diarrhea also, stomach cramps, spots of blood, nausea and frequent trips to the bathroom.

If you have made two or fewer visits to the bathroom in a week, you’re probably dealing with constipation. Constipation can be very pain and causes much discomfort when trying to have a bowel movement.

The causes of constipation can range anywhere from foods you eat, or medications that you are presently taking.
Certain foods to be careful of are bananas, make sure that they are ripe and not too green, starches in the banana can constipate you when they’re not ripe.

Some folks may be affected by the gluten that’s found in wheat. Watch out for white rice, it can cause constipation more so than brown rice.
Who would have thought that eating red meat could cause constipation or even diarrhea in certain people. You do not have to abstain from eating red meat but remember, do it in moderation, to be on the safe side.

Just like white rice, white bread is full of starch and causes constipation, on the other hand, whole grain breads relieve the symptoms.
Drinking alcohol can cause constipation too, drink in moderation, and follow with a clear liquid, like water to lessen the effect of the alcohol.

As delicious as chocolate is, stay off too much of it, I know it’s irresistible to some, but chocolate is loaded with fats and could cause constipation in certain people.
Dairy products like, milk, cheese, and yogurt can cause constipation.

Fast foods, fried food, sugar, certain snacks, starch foods all can cause constipation and discomfort. Lay off too much coffee, coffee as a diuretic, robs your system of water needed to keep you regular.


Constipation doesn’t prefer a certain gender or age group. It can affect anyone of any age, male or female. The best suggestions would be to change your diet or depending on your physical ability, moderate exercise.

Water is by far the best treatment for constipation. Keeping your body hydrated aids in digestion.

Eating prunes and drinking prune juice has been a long-time remedy for getting your body on track when constipated, prunes help to soften our poop so it can exit the body easily.

One of the old remedies for constipation is baking soda. Baking soda has been used for many years as a constipation reliever, indigestion relief, heartburn and relief of bloating.

Epsom salt is also an old remedy for constipation, but not too much it can also cause diarrhea if not used correctly.

Poop coloration has to do mostly with your diet. So it’s natural to assume that if it goes in green it’ll exit the same color, or will it. Our normal of poop is brownish in coloration and not too hard or soft.

There’s no need for alarm if suddenly you see green. People like me that drink grape soda, have experience a greenish hue in their stool.

Green vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, collard greens, or kale can affect the color of your poop. If your stool is dark or black, it could indicate that you may have taken an anti-diarrhea medicine like pepto bismol.
Seeing reddish colored poop, don’t be alarmed, it’s probably some soup you ate or a red soda.

If the red color persists and you’re not consuming anything red, see a doctor immediately for an examination. It could hemorrhoids or even cancer.

Allow me to emphasize this one fact, every person on the planet is different. What discolors or colors your poops depends on your body and how it functions.

Don’t say you’re dealing with an ailment because of someone else poop color, you are unique and what someone else may or may not have, has no bearing on you. If you have changes in your poops coloration, smell, or texture, and it concerns you, by all means see your health care provider.

It may be nothing to worry about, but don’t take chances with your health.





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Acne is a skin condition where the pores of your skin clogs up with dead skin cells and as a result forms bumps or even lesions. As your may or may not know, acne takes on different forms, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, it all amounts to the same thing.
There are different kinds of acne which ranges from mild to very severe.

The mention of acne goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, where several of the Pharaohs were said to have had it. Even the Greeks and Romans dealt with it and had treatments for it. Even as recent as the 1930s, a method that seems a bit far-fetched was used to treat this condition by giving a laxative, which was said to relieve people of toxins in their body.
Another treatment that fascinates me is the use of urine as a cure.

Doctors are still unsure about this disease and say they don’t really understand what causes it.
They can see the results of the condition, but the reasons for it is still not totally known. Acne has been labeled as being demon influenced to the need for an infected to have sexual intercourse.

Some say that poor hygiene can cause this condition or even eating certain foods, which is not the case.
Some people may add that, hormonal changes during adolescence might be the reason for it to happen.
If puberty sets the stage for acne, what is the reason for it to happen to people in their thirties or forties.

Acne can invade many parts of the body, the back, chest, arms, but most of us associate this condition as mostly a facial condition. Although we might associate acne with teenagers, but even adults have been known to suffer with this disease of sorts.
Even though genetics might play a role, anybody can get acne.

As a result of having this condition, many of its victims are terribly embarrassed, have low self-esteem and in the worst cases, may even go into depression.
This usually occurs in cases that are very severe, where lumps appear on and under the skin, severe scarring, and the conditions lasts for months, even years.

In these cases, over the counter treatments are of little effect, see a dermatologist when the conditions worsen and over-the-counter measures are not having any effect.

The most heartbreaking results of acne occurs when, people give a victim those unforgiving stares, gossips behind their backs and treats them as if they may have leprosy or some other rare disease.
There have been cases where the victim was disfigured by this menace.
Don’t attempt to pop these bumps with your fingernails, this is probably the worst way to get rid of them. The fingernails can cause scaring, infection could set in, which worsens the issue.


There are so many saying so much about acne, it has people confused, and really don’t know what to do to treat it.
There are a variety of suggestions that have been taken by lots of folks in the treatment of acne but even at their best, they still are controversial.

Stop picking at or scraping your skin, don’t pop pimples, no tanning beds please, don’t use harsh soaps to clean the infected area, don’t over wash your face, don’t use mineral make-up, don’t smoke, don’t forget to remove make-up, don’t sleep on dirty bed linen. No skim milk.

There is a lot of deliberate misinformation about how acne must be treated, because it makes the people who own the factories richer every time your buy their product.
They are making a fortune selling your products they know won’t bring results.


Start a regimen of using an acne treatment for at least two months. Use skin products that won’t irritate or cause acne. Never use a facecloth more than once. Spread your acne treatment all over the prone areas, not just the pimples, Eat fatty fish like salmon and sardines. Eat plenty fruits and vegetables. No cow’s milk, back off the sugar, limit candy bars and soda, no junk food, no chocolate. Drink green tea, eat oysters, eat veal, liver and roast beef. If it, appears that you are not making any head-way see your doctor.

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Ladies sex drive……where did it go?

Bid farewell to low sex drive. There are many causes for the loss of interest in sex. One could be the loss of a spouse, menopause or illness. Although these causes may contribute, certain medications can also be the culprit behind the loss of sex drive too. Let’s not get this twisted. The desires of a woman are much more difficult than a man.

Let’s face the facts, as we grow older, those periods of arousal are not going to be as frequent as they used to be. There’s nothing wrong. Growing older means that there will be fluctuations in the times you may feel turned on. Ladies take time to understand your body.

There are some things that may affect you that you may not be aware of. Your lifestyle can have a tremendous effect on your interest in sex. If for instance, not doing well financially, relationship with your spouse or partner is on the rocks, you’re depressed, your partner has lost interest, you just don’t feel secure. You could’ve had a bad sexual experience, low self-esteem, just don’t like yourself or work related stress.


Even though low libido is one of the most difficult problems to solve and it can’t always be cured with a lotion or cream. Have a doctor examines and determine if there is a disorder causing the problem. Make him or her aware of any issues that you are dealing with that may cause the lack of drive in your sex life. Talk to him or her at length about treatments that are available, if or how they may affect your body.

You can also seek the advice of a sexual counselor. Be reminded that a sex therapist is not for everyone. A sex therapist can’t fix the physical issues that are causing the dysfunctions in ones sexual life. A sex therapist is like a psychiatrist or even a family counselor.


It has been said that masturbation does help in increasing the sex drive. Masturbation improves fantasizing and thinking about sexual things. The use of sexual toys, such as a vibrator, has a very positive effect on ones sexual function. Make sure that both parties in the relationship are aware of the practices and all agree.

Do something erotic, allow your partner to masturbate or use a toy while you watch. Let this performance continue until he reaches the point or orgasm. It is said that women who masturbate have a more stable relationship.

You can even get involved in the process and help him or her, suggest methods of pleasuring each other, this tightens the bond between the two of you.
Ask yourself, before initiating this method. Will this actually help our relationship or will it cause a problem.

Don’t involve yourself in any partner swapping, as this may cause confusing and fantasies not directed toward your spouse or partner. Anything that is moral and brings physical pleasure is OK. Ladies there are no penalties assessed against you for exploring your bodies, go ahead and make the most of it.


Black raspberries, broccoli, cloves, figs, watermelon, eggs, ginseng, saffron, lettuce, ginger, vanilla, arugula, coconut water, sweet potatoes, almonds, pine nuts, basil, garlic, celery, peppers, pumpkin seeds, avocados, asparagus, cocoa or chocolate and oysters.

Other foods that have proven themselves to be beneficial to improving an unhealthy labido include, steak, salmon, sardines, tuna, green tea, unsweetened cranberry juice, oatmeal, and peaches red wine.


Exercise before sex, stay, get rid of belly fat, get eight hours of sleep, learn to relax, take vitamins, be experimental in bed, quit smoking, keep the vagina lubricated.

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It’s a fact ladies!


Did you know that the average woman is expected to out live the average man. But there are some things that could affect these facts. If, a woman smokes cigarettes, her life expectancy is reduced sharply.

The fact is a woman has more relapses that men, it seems that it may be harder for them to quit smoking, definitely a big reason why earlier than usual mortality rate in females may be on the increase.

Physical violence appears to be on the increase in our society. Along with sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/aids and others. The longevity of women has been shortened substantially by these menaces and enemies to us all.

Even after accounting for the mortality rate due to smoking, cardiovascular disease still is the leading cause of preventable deaths among women and men. Diet and exercise are important tools also in measuring longevity in the male and female.

Although there are many reasons why women may outlive men, the fact is, genetics still play an important role in women longevity and that also of men.


Life expectancy is on the rise each year in all races and ethnicities.
African American are worst off when it comes to morality. Even thought the death rate is still higher amonge Blacks, they appear to be closing the gap slightly. The American Indian has the highest mortality rate among the races, it appears.


Does income have a direct effect on how long a persons life span is, absolutely, the rate of mortality among those in the lower income strata of our world is much lower than that of the population in the higher income strata.

People who earn thirty thousand dollars a year as compared to those earning one hundred thousand dollars, are much more likely to have to sacrifice their health because the funds for treating issues that a health related just aren’t available.

Not only is the health of the low income family put at risk but the mental well being of those individuals are too.
Amazingly, the lower income of some people also reflects a shorter life span.

Bigger paychecks mean, greater enjoyment in life, medicines and treatments, better nutrition, better housing, better neighborhoods, better education, opportunities, the lack of all these benefits can have a negative effect on a persons life span.


Unfortunately there are some circumstances beyond our control, here are a few things we can do to live longer and enjoy our lives more.

1. Go outdoors and enjoy what nature has provided us all with. Being in peaceful surroundings helps us get rid of those cobwebs clogging our minds and causes a release of stress in us.

2. Go for a brisk walk if you’re not as young as you used to be. Go for a long distance run, pump some iron, go for a ride on your bicycle, workout in your local gym, play checkers or card games, all these activities relieve stress and strengthen your mind and body.

3. Indulge in sexual activity as much as you feel is safe.

4. Get away from all the bad fatty material in your diet and lean more toward a menu that more nutritional.

5. Don’t worry or stress yourself.

6. See your doctor regularly, get those need checkups.

7. Don’t sit around, be active. Go shopping, play golf, visit friends and family.

8. No drugs or alcohol.


Even when we do our very best, life has a way of sending a hurtful or heartbreaking problem into our lives. If life knocks you down, don’t stay there, get up and get back in the race.

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Each one of us that are of age have either known of someone in our family, friends or may have even experienced one of these diseases ourselves. Unless you’ve been away from the planet for a few years, you can’t help not having heard it on television or radio. The devastation is becoming more widespread each day.
The sorrows that these horrible diseases put people through is absolutely monumental in nature. These diseases are so bad, intelligent people have committed suicide because of the hurt and pain caused to them.

Sexually transmitted infections can be caused by:

  • Bacteria (gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia)
  • Parasites
  • Viruses (human, genital herpes, HIV)

Signs that come with these infections are:

  • Sores or bumps on the genitals or in the oral or rectal area
  • bad smell coming from the vagina

More signs that you may notice

  • Pain while engaging in sexual intercourse
  • Sore, swollen lymph nodes, in the testicle area
  • Lower stomach pain
  • Fever
  • Rash over the trunk, hands or feet and face


Use protection before having vaginal or anal sex, Don’t just assume that the person you are with is free of any infections. Be very cautious when you apply a condom, make sure that you have been taught the proper use of it. There are a wide variety of condoms on the market today.

Make sure your condom is latex and none of the others out there. If you think having oral sex is OK, think again, use a latex condom when engaged in this practice as well. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your safety. You have no idea whose infected out there. Unless you are a couple and been together for many years, please use protection. Each time you perform with anyone without protection, you are taking your life in your own hands.

Even though the charts may show the infection rate for these sexually transmitted diseases are in a group of people whose ages are less than thirty. You older generations, are not out of the woods. There is a large portion of society who are fifty and older, infected by the same diseases.


One of the horrors of these sexually transmitted diseases are when an innocent child becomes a victim of infection by his or her own mother. As terrible as this sounds, this is played out hundreds of times around the world. I myself have witnessed one of my own family go through this in years past. Needless to say that terrible consequences may often occur, even death.

A pregnant woman with gonorrhea
or any disease

If a woman is infected with gonorrhea while she is pregnant, there is the risk of a miscarriage or premature birth. A child

that is born while the mother has an infection may develop blindness, joint infection, or a life threatening blood disease.

If you have any of these social diseases like chlamydia, genital herpes, HIV/AIDS, HPV, SYPHILIS, your unborn child can be at serious risk. These all can be transmitted unfortunately.

If you think that you may be infected, get screened and get treated before you become pregnant!

If you could only see some horrible pictures and read some medical records of these precious little ones, you would be surprised at the damages that have been caused by careless adults that didn’t take the time to take care of these issues before becoming pregnant.

The Increase in STD in Older Adults


New miracle drugs like Viagra, levitra and Cialis have given men help for erectile dysfunction. But there are negative as well positive statements that can be made about these drugs.

These drugs are allowing men to have sex longer into their elder years. The sad truth is that as the older generation of men are out there courting and sparking, a lot of them are totally ignorant of the facts about sexually transmitted diseases.

This is not true in all cases, but as the wives and mates of these older men get into their menopausal state, older men make the excuse that their partners vagina is too dry, they don’t feel like performing, they’re moody, too tired, and the list goes on.

So they go out and find someone who is willing to do what they want and usually without protection. And because, there is not a shred of education in their head about how to prevention, these guys, take the plunge and end up a statistic somewhere. Before you know it, they’re back at home engaging in sexual activity with their wives or significant other, infecting another innocent human being.

Men you out to know, as you go looking for lust in all the wrong places packing your little blue pill, these drugs that get you up can let you down. Side effects of these medications may concern you. Symptoms like, headache, body aches and pains, digestive problems, dizziness, changes in vision, rashes, and congestion and runny nose.

Men if you experience vision loss, erections that last longer than four hours or have hearing loss, please stop taking the drug and contact your doctor for further instructions.

To help with erectile dysfunction, you can use certain vegetable and fruits, exercise, get plenty of sleep, no alcohol or drink responsibly, no drugs, and be aware that certain prescription drugs can effect your sex drive.

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Sex and menopause

Well, sex is almost self-explanatory, since we were very young Mom and Dad have been explaining it, cautioning us against doing it and all sorts of bizarre things.
I don’t think that Mom and Dad were so interested in sex as a way of differentiating between the male and female species.

I know now, that they were talking about sex as a method of reproducing ourselves.
Believe me, I’ve had enough of those talks to fill a novel. Their methods were sometimes a bit crude, because as they explained it, you were so scared afterwards that you wouldn’t even look at someone of the opposite sex.

With all the drama that was included in their little talks they gave us, they had good intentions of us not doing anything that hurt us or anyone else.

I’ve been told by some adults of my time that sex was a drive that was placed within us by The Creator, to ensure that we reproduced ourselves with others like us.

Those organs that make the male and female different, are what we think about when someone mentions sex. These organs are our reproductive system, the vagina and the penis are all fundamentally involved when sex is usually thought about. Other body parts may be a used during the total act when the act of sex occurs.
This is entirely up to the individual.

Having sex is not the horrible act as some may explain it. It can be and usually is an amazing experience. Sex, if you really were to think about it, is who we are. Our minds, Our physical and emotional make up, our fantasies, our connecting point, that bring male and female adults closer together. Someone said that sex, is the icing on the cake, not the entire cake but the part that adds a bit of sweetness to it.


Menopause is a normal occurrence that happens as women age. This can start either before or after they stop have a monthly cycle and usually marks the end of their reproductive years. There may be a lot scientific terms that can be used to explain why it happens, who it happens to and a bunch of other stuff. We’ll keep it short and to the point by saying that it is a point in women life that the ovaries no longer release eggs.

Ladies, going through menopause, or some call it the change or changing life is nothing to fear, remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made and this time in your life takes nothing from you.
Although, the time of this change can be around forty years old or so, some medical factors, or even genetics can make this happen a bit sooner.


There are several things that usually occur during the onset of menopause. Sometimes, women feel the occasional hot flash or tiredness. But on the other hand, some women experience physical and psychological symptoms which can be very taxing on the body.
Being irrational and moody often accompanies some women as they go through menopause.

Sleeplessness, brain fog, dizziness, depression, nervous, bleeding gums, thinning hair, changes in the way foods or beverages taste, heart palpitations, tenderness of the breasts, breaking out in sweats, low sex drive, dry vagina, headache. These are some the symptoms that accompany the onset of going through the change.


Men realize that your special lady is going through some changes in her body that she never, ever experienced before. Don’t be demanding of her to perform sexually, because her body is very tender in places, this would only tend to irritate rather than make her responsive to approaches toward her.

On those days that life is almost unbearable for her, make your own meals and also meet her needs for nutrition. Wash the dishes and the clothes, clean the house, doing these things helps reduce stress. Offer to go on short walks or to the mall, just getting her out of the house for a while really helps, a change of scenery can work wonders for her at this time in her life.

Don’t be a wimpy guy that complains about every little thing, grow up, she’s not your mother and you’re not six years old anymore. The less stress that she has to endure, the better you’ll both be.
Patience and showing affection are the words for the day men, treating her like the queen that she is the right thing to do.


Aerobic exercise, these get your heart rate up and give your lungs a good workout. Walking, bicycling, are good cardio exercises that burn calories and help in weight gain. Do a little weight training, to prevent your bones from becoming brittle and to offset osteoporosis.

Exercises like yoga and meditation are good for reducing tension. And by the way, yoga can help ladies improve sexual function in which suggests it might be a good idea to look up someone that could help you in that area.

Women with menopause that are under the age of sixty-five years of age should probably do about an hour to two hours a day stretching and exercising each day if at all possible. Women that are sixty-five or above, do the best you can, don’t tire yourself out, do everything in moderation.


Some women go through menopause and never see a change in their sexual desires. Some women see a very noticeable change in their desire and performance. Changes may be a dry vagina, which is painful when attempting insertion. Sometimes more vaginal infections occur during this period, more difficulty in becoming aroused and less sensitivity in the genital area.

These may help you if you really have pain during performing sexually. First mention to your partner that you have discomfort and ask if he will be patient and understand your situation. There are some very good lubricants that can bought across the counter that can help you tremendously.

Practice longer periods of foreplay as this will give time for more arousal and lubrication of the vagina. Get plenty of sleep and rest, this helps more than you would ever know. Talk to your doctor if you can’t find a method of treatment that can help. There are some good treatments to be had, finding what’s right for you may take a little time.

You don’t have to give up on sex as you go through menopause. find what’s right for you and works, stick to to it and enjoy your life during menopause!

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You know than exercise and a good diet can
keep your heart healthy. But what else can you do to keep your heart strong.

1. Eat healthy fats

We need fats in our diet, including saturated and polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats. But not the bad fats, like trans fats which clog up the arteries. By getting rid of the trans fats
from your diet, you get better blood flow through your whole body. Lay off the snack foods, like potato chips, fast foods, margarine or any foods high in these trans fats.

Check the labels on the foods than you like to see they contain any of this life robbing fats.


Eating healthy foods like avocados, walnuts, almonds, olives, olive oil, salmon, tuna, dark chocolate, tofu, sunflower seeds, eggs, lean grass fed beef and pork, full fat milk, full fat yogurt, Parmesan cheese, these are just some high fat foods you should be eating every day.

2. Practice good dental hygiene, especially flossing your teeth daily

Good dental health is a good way to measure of overall health, including the health of your heart, because if you have a gum disease, often there may be risk for heart disease. Bacteria in the mouth
can move into the bloodstream and cause an elevation in certain proteins. These changes
may increase your risk of heart disease. Floss and brush your teeth daily to reduce the chances of getting serious gum disease.

3. Get plenty of sleep

Getting enough sleep is an essential part of keeping your heart healthy. If you don’t sleep
enough, you may be at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease no matter
your age, gender or how well you monitor your exercise and eating routine. People who sleep less than four hours of sleeps are likely to have a stroke or heart attack as people
who slept six to eight hours. Not getting enough sleep causes disruptions in underlying health conditions and
biological processes, including blood pressure and inflammation.

4. Don’t sit for too long at one time

Recently it has suggested than staying seated for long periods of time is not good for your health, it doesn’t matter how much exercise you do. Those who sat the most, showed than there was an
associated 147 percent increase in cardiovascular events and a 90
percent increase in death caused by these events.

It is very important to move
throughout the day. Park farther away from the office, take a few
shorter walks throughout the day. And remember to exercise each day when possible.

5. Don’t smoke and avoid second hand smoke

It has been shown than the risk of developing heart disease is significantly higher for people who are exposed to secondhand smoke at home or work. Exposure to tobacco smoke
contributes to thousands premature heart disease deaths and thousands more lung cancer deaths each year. Nonsmokers who have high blood
pressure or high blood cholesterol have an even greater risk of
developing heart disease when they’re exposed to secondhand smoke. This is the result of plaque buildup in the arteries.

Stay away from those than do smoke and tell them than you don’t appreciate them smoking in your presence. Although this may seem harsh to a degree you health once it’s gone can never be replaced

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