PHYSICAL MOBILITY…………….or lack of it!


When we think of the loss of mobility, we often think of the elderly. We imagine in our minds eye a man or women that are maybe in their eighties, trying to climb stairs or simply walking at the mall.

Even though we’ll be addressing the elderly, younger people can also fall victim to immobility too.

You see an older person with a cane or walker trying to get to an appointment, either at the doctors’ office, or using a motorized wheelchair at the grocery store, that’s the picture we paint for ourselves when we think of being immobile.

Thousands of us today lack the movement that we enjoyed only a few years ago, it may be as simple as getting to the bathroom or walking across a room to get into bed.

Regardless of the complexity of our immobility, it still puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to our everyday routines. Just think for a moment of a person, let us use a healthy, fully functioning person for example, that has never had any issues with immobility.

What kind of mental stress would they endure if suddenly they could get no further that someone put them or had to have some device to assist them in getting there.
There are many social and physical barriers that face someone that either has no mobility at all or has very little. Think of things we that have mobility don’t have to deal with.

You need to visit the bathroom, and unassisted you can’t go, so what happens, you normally release you body waste on yourself, creating a problem with possibly getting an infection from being unsanitary and developing a nasty odor that often repels people who ordinarily visit you or invite you to a social gathering.

Being immobile
can also take a toll on you family as well. Say for instance, you’re unable to go have a bowel movement, the relatives have come to you aid for months and it appears you’re not getting better and their patience has grown hair thin, now they’re at their wits end, what can we do.

Picture this scenario, you son-in-law decided to move you into the house with the family, now he and his wife are at each others throats because, the house has a defensive odor of urine and cleaning compounds all the time.
There seems to be a lot of negative output when it comes to one that can’t get from one place to another without assistance.

The family ties are almost broken quite often, health issues with the victim have risen, sanitary and cleanliness problems seem to be an everyday occurrence as well.

It almost seems like a Tsunami at times, between getting the patient to their appointments, getting their bills paid, going to get groceries, cleaning and bathing the patient, doing the laundry, preparing meals, it can be very overwhelming at times.
Rather than coming to blows with family members, opt to install or buy equipment help the patient in getting where they need to be. Let us assume that the patient has a bedroom on the second floor.

There are commercials that are aired everyday advertising chair lifts that can safely get anyone to the next level of their home safely.

Purchasing a scooter for that special someone just might be the single most important thing you could do to aid someone with limited mobility.

This battery operated vehicle can give back some freedom that one has lost because of their inability to move around. These vehicles are very inexpensive and certainly won’t break the bank.

They can be used for shopping, going to social gatherings, inside and outside of the home.
Buying a lift chair can be a blessing to one that suffers from immobility. The advantages are only surpassed by the special comments that come from the user.

You can spend whatever the budget allows to get one of the special chairs, which even comes with a heated edition and vibrator type. It is a must-have when it comes to aiding someone when sitting of trying to stand.

Shower chairs are a great piece of equipment to have for your loved one if they suffer from immobility. These chairs are just what the doctor ordered when the time come to shower.

Also tubs in the bathroom can be refitted to accommodate anyone that has a problem with mobility.

It is designed where once the door to the tub closes it seals completely and the patient never has to sit in the tub like a conventional one, but is seated in a comfortable position and the water can fill to the upper waist.
There are many products that can aid in visiting the bathroom, like toilets that are higher, toilet lifts, there are even models that can be positioned beside the bed that can be easily accessed.

Placing handrails in the shower stall and around the toilet can be very helpful in meeting the needs of those having immobility issues.
Electric beds for those with mobility problems can be purchased almost anywhere, the cost are more that reasonable and are controlled with buttons to place the user in any position they wish. These beds typically start around twelve hundred dollars up.

Walk as much as possible is a strong recommendation if you have mobility issues.

Doing exercises while you are seated can be more beneficial than you can imagine, throwing punches at nothing at all, twisting and turning in your wheel chair, doing dance moves with your feet while sitting, even a little weight training if it doesn’t cause pain helps a lot.






Supplements for bone health

There are things you can absolutely do to help curb and increase your skeletal health. Eating well and exercise is very important to ward off the effects of osteoporosis. It is also important to help the excercise and diet change with vitamins and minerals that help combat the issues that are attacking your body with this menace.




Osteoporosis is a disease where the bones steadily deteriorates and bone breakage increases. This disease accounts for most bone breakage and bone fractures among the elderly.

Any bone is subject to breakage with disease, including the hip, back, forearm, and if the disease has progress enough, it takes very little stress to cause an injury that is so debilitating that the victim may not recover for months.
Bone loss usually increases after a woman reaches menopause and remains on the increase thereafter.
There are several factors that can contribute to getting this disease.

Alcoholism is one of the causes that contributes to osteoporosis, along with removal of the ovaries and kidney disease.

Certain medications increases the rate at which bone loss occurs, for instance if you are taking chemotherapy or are smoking and not exercising can increase your rate of bone deterioration.
If you are a female, Caucasian or Asian. Have a small body build, family history, history of fractures as an adult, poor nutrition and poor health, arthritis, lacking vitamin D in your diet, These all are risk factors in getting this disease.



Osteoporosis can remain in your body for many years without you even knowing it until, you start getting breaks or fractures.

Fractures of the spine can cause severe pain, if these fractures continue, they can cause loss of height and the “hump look” you observe in some elderly women and also men.

Remember you will never, in some cases see signs of the condition until it actually starts to happen.



To begin with bone breakage and fractures can cause a tremendous amount of pain to the victim. Dealing with day to day chores, decreased social lifestyle, assisted care at home or at a facility.

The development of blood clots in the legs is an ever present possibility and these clots can also travel to the lungs thereby creating multiple problems. Worse case scenario is that maybe 15 to 25 percent of women will die as a result of this horrible disease.

Fifty percent of the population, fifty-five and above will be affected by this and associated issues.

Only about forty percent of breakage and fracture victims will recover to their before fracture state, unless the density of your bones allow it the probability of fracture may be on the increase after that first breakage.

Bone density for women and men after thirty-five years of age deteriorates at a rate of about 0.3 to 0.6 per year.



There is help available in treating bone density and treating osteoporosis today.

First of all you can try exercising to build your bone mass. Eat foods rich in calcium, vitamin K, vitamin D and potassium. Take supplements also to build your body.

Back off drinking a lot of caffeinated coffee and drink containing caffeine, this tends to impede the absorption of helpful vitamins from entering your body.
Remember exercise is the key to getting relief.

Common sense can avert many calamities in your health. After age fifty, do exercise that is reasonable for your age.

You are not a youngster anymore, put away those ideas of trying to be a marathon winner with folks a third your age. For men and women, forget about pumping heavy barbells to improve your physique, this will only tend to stress your skeletal system and maybe cause stress fractures or serious breaks.

Eat those foods that will contribute to bone health. Give up the tobacco, caffeine, if it is too hard to do now, try backing off a little each day until your goal is reached.

Don’t take chances, those high impact or aerobic exercises are a no-no, leave them for the young folks. Remember a pain-free life can be yours if you practice those things that contribute to your preventive maintenance program as it concerns your bone health.




GIVE HONOR TO WHOM IT’S DUE…………listen young person!

Welcome your golden years with enthusiasm and expectancy!


It’s shameful the way our society looks at aging. The picture that people paint of our elders is one of being slow, mentally unstable, bedridden or otherwise a drain on society.

There are admittedly a few things that go along with growing older that may be thought of as being not so good, but there are also tons of stuff that are beneficial to us from those that are aging.

For instance the elderly have a storehouse of knowledge, if you ask, they could share some incredible stories that would be of great help to you.

Learn to listen to the elderly, you’ll be the better for it. Being older and listening to them adds a certain tranquility and peacefulness to your life.

There was a saying that “The good thing about being old is not being young” but that is not always the case, youth has its good points too.

Honor the aged by being courteous, say sir or ma’am, offer your help to them, be patient, make them feel important, they deserve it.

The older people are more cool tempered they are. Older people have more of an appreciation for life, unlike the young it seems.

Stuff that used to be taken for granted are not thought of in the same way as when you were younger.

We may not be able to run a marathon anymore, we aren’t so swift of foot anymore, but boy we sure can beat the pants off of the younger generation in a marathon of
just being smart.

To dismiss the wisdom of an older person, causes you to miss a lot.

Older folks don’t hang out at the same places or listen to the same music as a younger person because their taste in lots of stuff changes.

We sure have changed a lot in our modern times, used to be, a youngster would speak respectfully to someone who was older.

But nowadays, they don’t speak respectfully to them, but wish they would get out our way.

What happened to those days when doors were opened, seats were offered, kind words were spoken, all for the elderly.

I guess that’s why so many older people don’t go out anymore or stay at the cosmetics counter all day, trying to look young again.

There’s nothing wrong with looking your best at any age but you don’t have to try to recapture the days of your youth over again, just to be able to be accepted you’re perfect the way you are.



Don’t take the advice of the elderly for granted and treat it as a floor mat. There are hundreds if not thousands of pieces of advice that can make your world a better place, just listen as they speak.

Listen to advice they give like, stay away from your neighbors house, too many visits make enemies.

The elderly say, you shouldn’t burn your bridges behind you, you must show respect to get it, if you can’t speak a kind word about someone, shut your mouth.

Another favorite is, treat the ones that hate you with love, take one day at a time, learn to forgive.

There are many wise sayings that have been handed down to us by people who lived through different situations in life and learn how to survive even thrive in the harshest environment.

Their life experiences can keep us from going down the wrong paths in life and save us a lot of misery and disappointment.


Aside from the fact that we have been gifted with many skills left to us by our precious fore parents.

We owe a debt of gratitude for the prayers she taught us to pray.

The times she took us to the wood shed, making sure she got her point across. We were taught to do our chores, doing them right the first time.

How she steadied our nerves when we were all shook up. We found comfort in her arms during a violent thunderstorm.

Even though she was tired and her fingers were swollen from the toll the years had taken, she taught us how to mend our socks, play an instrument and even preserve vegetables and fruit.

We will never be able to repay all the kindness and goodness that they have given us.

That’s why the aged should always hold a special place in our hearts, especially for the good things they have bestowed on us.

For anyone that doesn’t show honor and courtesy to these outstanding pillars of our society…………shame on you.
What did she give to make a better life for you. The work, the pressure that she endured to ensure a better life for you.

All the sleepless nights and birthing pangs that took the beauty from her and replaced it with lines and wrinkles.

You’re not going to have an enjoyable life dismissing and overlooking her as if she never existed.

Those fake words and tears are the epitome of what’s wrong with us as a people.

We dropped the ball and watched it as it rolled into oblivion, never to look back at this forgotten thread that held our population together!